Friday, 12 September 2008

Help on its way

The site has been growing well, but its time again for some help. Starting this week, or maybe next week now I will have someone (Paul) helping full time to add dog breed pictures to the site and hopefully if people like the site they will also give us a link.

I also want to build up the number of breeders and rescue sites we actually link out to, but I think its best to find out which sites are still running as some are indeed dead, as in they have not been updated for years. Although even some of them have good content and maybe deserve a link.

It is very time consuming adding photos. They first need to be resized, then added, then linked to. Then we add senders details and thanks, as well as pic details if we have them.

Some people are kind enough to send them in there 10's.

Monday, 1 September 2008

Traffic for August 2008

Progress on site last month was admittedly a little slow. Although I hope to increase the pace of growth significantly sometime in September 2008 and beyond.

Traffic has increased every month since January this year. However August was just a slight increase of 495 visitors on July's total. At 9825 visitors in the month it was also very close to breaking the 10,000 mark.

What Im hoping to do is break the 10,000 mark in style and never looking back. That will be a great level for the site to reach as it matures to 1 year of age.