Saturday, 30 August 2008

2 New Arrivals - Busy Time

Its been a busy few weeks, and although the site has been updated Ive had zero spare time to blog.

Reason, 2 new arrivals to my family, identical twin girls, born at the end of July and 2 months premature. So they had a couple of weeks in hospital, but were out earlier than expected and last couple of weeks we've been settling in a routine at home.

They are happy and healthy and putting on weight after both being under 4lbs.

At the moment, Sky my Airedale Terrier is cornered off in to the conservatory and garden using an old play pen which can be arranged in a straight line. Didn't take her long to work out how to push up the handle with her nose and open the doorway part, a problem we had a few years ago when I had my first little one. The handle is actually quite stiff so she had to push hard to open that with her nose.

She also used to open stair gates with her nose, so this time around we have had to buy two news ones, that she won't be able to open when she is given back free run of the downstairs part of the house.