Sunday, 15 February 2009

Visited Local Local Animal Shelter

Today myself and my family (wife and 3 daughters) visited Hula Animal Rescue (Hula = Home for Unwanted and Lost Animals) which was having an Open Day to raise money.

It was my wifes idea to go, mainly to get my daughter out the house and nice for her to see some animals, which is something she loved to do.

They had a range of animals, a few ponies, couple pigs, chickens, rabbits a cattery and a dog kennel with about 15 - 20 dogs. There were various breeds, a couple of Mastiffs, a, a Labradoodle and a couple of Rottweiler's plus a range of crossbreeds.

All in all it was a good couple of hours out and some well raised money for the animals future care.



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