Friday, 16 January 2009

My Airedale Terrier Sky has died

Its been a hectic couple of weeks so far this year and unfortunately has ended in my Airedale Terrier, Sky being put to sleep on January 10th 2009. She was 7 years old.

My 5 month old twin girls were booked in overnight at a hospital a few miles away to each have a hernia operation on January 5th. Sky stayed over at my parents, who also had my sister and niece staying over. She had been fine up to this point.

Upon coming home, she was unusually quieter than normal, especially given she hadnt seen us for a day. Later that evening she left most of her dinner and was later sick in the garden.

The next day, she was off her food and again being sick, even though not eating. I was worried about her that evening as she really didnt look well.

Thursday I took her to the vets and must admit I was getting very worried about her as it didnt seem like normal sickness. However when I got to the surgery the Vet said theres been a bout of dog sickness going around, so I bought her home and was told I needed to give her a syringe of fluid made up from a powder forumla they gave me, which she was to have every 15 mins to 1 hour.

Friday, I was still syringe feeding her, and popped out for a while for a meeting and when I came back she wanted to go outside, but as she did she just collasped in the garden.

I rushed her to the vets and she looked really bad. Not responding at all. It turns out later that evening she had a heart failure.

The next morning the nurse told me she was doing okay and lifting her head. Later I rang to speak diret to the vet who told me she was suffering from acute pancreatitus which had lead to kidney failure and a heart attack.

He told me both the acute pancreatitus and kidney failure were really bad and that she may not fully recover from the kidney failure. When questioned he said it would be best if she was put to sleep.

Her last heathly day and night were spent with my family who loved her and spoilt her with plenty of attention and walks.

A few days have passed and Ive have had mixed thoughts in grief but as each day passes decisions and issues become more clearer and I know I made the right ones.

Some people say naughty dogs are here to teach us, well she certainly taught me heaps.

She was a lively dog, alot of fun and very loving and leaves us with alot of good memories.