Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Dog Walking - Amber and Scooby

Went to RATS, oneof my local dog rescues for the second time today and walked two different crossbreed dogs.

First up was Amber, a lovely white and tan dog. She was a real pleasure to walk. On the walk we saw another walker, a lady who was walking a black Labrador named Ben. I was a good couple of meters away on the far side of the path when he lurched forward and pulled his walker to the floor and dragged her along. She seemed more embarrassed than anything and wasn't really aware of my asking of whether she was ok.

Next up was Scooby, a tanned medium size dog. Very excitable, which I ignored. However, upon walking out the gates and into the first field he decide he wasn't going to move. I pulled him abit at same time as trying to encourage him but he wasn't having any of it. I tried to coax him with a little food but still no budging. I then just relaxed, looked around at the views and tried encouraging him again and along he came. He did try his sit ins a couple more times but was then fine.

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