Monday, 2 March 2009

More dog Walking

Did some more dog walking today. A lovely sunny day here in England. Today I walked Ben, a Black Labrador, the very one I had seen on my previous walk that pulled his poor walker flat to the ground!!!

I took him for a good long walk, over an hour. He was well behaved although if given the chance would pull on the lead. Near the end of the walk we stopped near a stream, and in the stream near a pipe which was exiting from the bank I saw a small skull. I took a couple of pictures on my phone and when home searched "British mammal skulls" and from there worked out it could have been the skull of a fox.

After walking Ben, I took again offered to take another dog, and was given Amber, who again walked as good as gold.

In total I walked for near on 2 hours, and I can certainly feel it.

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