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Dog Rescue

Have you thought about saving the life of a rescue dog? If you are thinking of adding a new edition to your home or family then the option of taking in a rescue dog is well worth considering.

Dogs end up in rescue centers for all kinds of reasons, most often from owners who didn't realise how much time and attention was needed to look after there choice of dog breed properly. Sometimes owners die, or there life circumstances change. There are many very good natured dogs waiting to be rehomed.

Not all rescue dogs are currently living in kennels. Some may currently be living in foster homes or may actually be living with there current owner waiting to be found a new home.

Choosing a Rescue Dog
Even though you are rescuing a dog, its still very important that you choose to rescue the right dog for you, be that the individual or a particular breed. Any good dog rescue organisation will help you make the right choice. You need to be aware of how much exercise and grooming a particular dog needs. Can you cater to those needs for its lifetime, not just the first few weeks. What's the energy level of the dog? For instance its always a good idea to choose a dog with the same or lower energy level than yourself. There are many factors to consider.

A rescue center that has good guidelines for rehoming has the best interests for the dog at heart. You may be asked a number of questions and its important you answer them as honestly as possible so you end up with the most suitable dog. Some rescue centers may even request to pay you a home visit to ensure the your house and garden is suitable for a dog or the dog of your choosing.

Support a Dog Rescue
Most dog rescues are run as non profit, or charitable organisation's, they are typically run by a number of hard working staff and volunteers. If you are not in a position to rehome a dog yourself you may still be able to offer support to a local rescue center or send a donation, large or small to a rescue center or or specific breed rescue. Many accept donations, or offer you the chance to sponsor a dog, a kennel or help out fund raising, or such things as actually walking the dogs etc.

Remember to support a dog rescue center!

Dog Rescue Centers Worldwide

We will split the dog rescue centers into countries and regions.

U.S.A Dog Rescue centers
United Kingdom Dog Rescue centers
Ireland Dog Rescue centers

Specific Breed Rescue Centers

Basenji Rescues
Border Collie Rescues
Boston Terrier Rescues
Bulldog Rescues
Dobermann Rescues
German Shepherd Rescues
Great Dane Rescues
Maltese Rescues
Rough and Smooth Collie Rescues
Shar Pei Rescues
Yorkshire Terries Rescues

I will add a specific rescue breed page if there's not already one listed for your breed.




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