Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Another Dog Borstal - Dog Advised to be Put Down

Watched the latest episode of Dog Borstal tonight. I can't help but watch it, even though I don't learn much from it and potentially could learn wrong information. For me it just highlights general problems and why as a society (including most dog trainers, workers) why we need a much better alround understanding of dogs, like Cesar Milan has. I've come to the realisation that the dog trainers on the programme are just that, trainers, they are not dog behaviour experts.

Robert did another excellent job with a greyhound. Mic did his usual swearing. Lynne had a tough case with a dog which had aggressive issues. In the end she came up with 3 options and one of them was to have the American Bulldog put down, which is the option the owner took. The other options were muzzle the dog when outside the house, and while in the house keep separate from the kids, or opt to find dog a new owner. The owner had 2 children, so I fully understand how they cannot be put at any risk, especially with an 8 stone dog. Apparently they couldn't find anyone to take the dog on and were told they were just passing on a problem.

The owner told herself everyday she shouldn't feel guilty. Well, she chose the wrong breed. She let the dog rule the house. She couldn't even put a check chain on correctly. She should at least feel a little responsible.

Thing is, I know full well that putting the dog down is not an option the Dog Whisperer, Cesar Milan would have taken.
Don't get me wrong, I'm still on an early learning curve and do not have lots of knowledge and experience myself, but the trainer Lynne did not do one single thing that Cesar might have tried. She was actually praising the dog and offering treats while it was in a stressed out misbehaving state. Other trainers were doing the similar thing. However, I accept Cesars Way isnt the only way. Lynne is known to be a very good good alround trainer.

Plus I'm tired of seeing the owners walking there dogs on tense leashes with the dog pulling them. Come on, get the owners leading the pack from the off. The dogs lives are literally at stake if they don't get put in there place as a follower.

Like I say, it highlights to me the right way of how Cesar works and gives me a better understanding of why his methods work. If I can get a fuller understanding of a dogs mind, psychology and behaviour etc I will certainly do my best to get the message across on the website so help any dog owner that needs it.

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