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American Bulldog

American BullDog
Ripley is a 100% Johnson American Bulldog, photo with thanks to Emma,

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American Bulldog Rescue Center Visit the American Bulldog rescue centers if your looking to rescue a American Bulldog, as well as learn more about the breed or just support the rescue centers for there hard work.

Group Guardian Dogs (UKC)

Origin / History In England, bulldogs were once used for bull baiting. They were also made to guard property. Some owners of these dogs decided to immigrate to the United States and brought the dogs along with them. Once there, the dogs were bred down when it comes to size and they became softer in terms of personality.

By the end of the World War II, however, the remaining working English Bulldogs were already disappearing in the United States. Allen Scott and John Johnson, though, bred more American Bulldogs and because of that, the breed was saved from extinction. In 1999, the United Kennel Club recognized the American Bulldog as a breed in the rare, working class.

Since American Pitbull Terriers have become illegal, demands for American Bulldogs have increased in various European countries. This is because the American Pitbull Terrier and the American Bulldog have similarities when it comes to their appearance and work capabilities.

Appearance American Bulldogs sport square-shaped heads and rounded eyes. They are muscular dogs with large heads and jaws. They possess short, stiff coats. They are strong-looking, which fits them well because they are working dogs. American Bulldogs have black lips, although some pink in their lips are also acceptable. Male American Bulldogs have stockier frames and heavier bones than female ones.

Colours American Bulldogs can be white, or white with patches. They can also come in other acceptable colors with patches of white. These colors can be black, fawn, tan, brown, red, or brindle, or a combination of any of these colors.

Temperament American Bulldogs have strong protective instincts and can do heroic acts for their masters. These dogs have been known to fight bulls and wild dogs. They can sometimes be shy and reserved or aggressive towards other humans. They can also be aggressive towards other dogs and can show stubbornness, which is why they must be trained at an early age. These dogs can be very determined and courageous.

However, these dogs are also loving and gentle to their family companions, to which they also express their loyalty. Aside from that, they are also good with children and other pets. However, just because they are good with pets that they have been raised with does not mean that they will be the same with animals that are strangers to them. They also have the habit of drooling.

Height and Weight Males are generally larger than females with a height range of 50-71cm. They should weight between 27-60Kg.

Common Health Problems Before choosing an American Bulldog puppy make sure that BOTH the parents have a hip score under 20 otherwise your pup may have problems when they are older.

Living Conditions These dogs can live both indoors and outdoors. However, if they are kept indoors, the owner must make sure that the dogs are getting adequate exercise since they tend to be inactive when they're kept inside the house.

Exercise Requirements Since American Bulldogs are working dogs, the owners must make sure that their dogs are getting enough exercise by taking them out for long, daily walks. Although sometimes if allowed they are known to become a little lazy and will no doubt put weight on and become generally unhealthy.

Training Requirements The dogs must be trained by the owners to be obedient at an early age. Otherwise, the dogs might grow up to become strong-willed and stubborn. They should be exposed to the company of other dogs and other people so that they can get used to socializing at a young age. The owners must also form a strong bond with the dogs but must be careful not to spoil them.

Life Expectancy They typically have life spans that range from 12 to 15 years.

Grooming American Bulldogs are average shedders and low maintenance dogs that do not need to be groomed excessively. When grooming American Bulldogs, the owner must brush their coat with a rubber mitt or a firm bristle brush. Bathing the dog must be done only when it is necessary.

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American Bulldog Pics
American Bulldog Standing on the Snow
Standing on the Snow
American Bulldog Zakery Standing on the Floor
Zakery Standing on the Floor
Photo with thanks to Dave
American Bulldog
"Mack" having fun with a doll Standing on the Snow
American Bulldog
"Mack" enjoying a ride
Photo with thanks to Kyle Gibb



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