Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Sky does 1 Hour on Dog Treadmill

Yes, just 4th day in, and Sky has completed an hour on the treadmill.

Yesterday I gave her just 2, 10 minute sessions as for the rest of the day there was too much going on, i.e my daughters 3rd birthday party.

One thing I did learn yesterday, was be aware of whether you dog needs the toilet. Not that there was any accidents or anything, just that after Sky's 10 minutes she did go straight to the door for access to the garden for the loo. I don't know how she would have conveyed that message if I had wanted her to stay on longer, but I guess she would have one way or the other.

However today, back to some sort of normality and she did a whole hour. She did get off couple of times when things were going on, e.g someone knocking on the front door but for the main part she was fine, doing longs stints at mostly 5.0 km/hr.

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Blogger pitpony said...

GOd, you moan about what is said on DOg Borstal and you let a dog run a mill without letting it empty out first!!
Take a tip you idoit, before you do that dog an injury, read up on how th epit dog men use a mill and FOLLOW that advise, not whatever BS you have picked up. You could seriously damage your dog. you walk the think first, let it empty out, and warm up THEN AND ONY THEN do you think about mill work. oh, yeah Ive owned a treadmill, a slatmill, to be precise, and I never ever put my dogs on it unless they were fully warmed up and emptied out.

18 February 2008 22:32  
Blogger AdamS said...

I always let my dog out to go to the loo on command before going for any kind of walk.

Can't say 100% she goes everytime.

As for warming up, Ill confirm Ill start the treadmill up nice and slow.

The dog doesn't run on the treadmill, it walks.

29 February 2008 00:09  

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