Monday, 8 October 2007

Sky's Treadmill Update

Sky had her second main treadmill exercise session today. I did try her on it yesterday for a couple of minutes just to show my sister how easy Sky went on and was happy to walk on it.

Today. I walked her on to the treadmill and didn't actually straddle her. She started walking fine, she did get off a couple of times when I first moved away or if someone came into the room.

After a short while I could leave her side and go and sit down, of course I was not far away.

She seemed more at easy today and I soon had the speed setting up to 4.0km/hr which is a walking pace. After about 15 minutes she was looking alot more comfortable and instead of concentrating with head facing down she started to look up a bit and glance around, so I felt it was okay to increase the speed a little. By the end of the exercise session she was doing fine at 5.o km/hr which is a nice decent walking pace and she looked really at ease and more comfortable at that speed once she got used to it than she did at the slower speed.

When the session is over I just slow the treadmill down and then tell her to come off. If ever she does get off of her own accord I put her straight back on. I think it important she learns to stay on it until told otherwise and maybe in the future she will go on there without a lead.

For now her progress is amazing. I have taken some video footage. At some point in the future I intend to work out how to upload it.

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