Saturday, 13 October 2007

Website Progress - The Template

Today and yesterday I've been working hard on the website. If feels pretty slow going as I'm one of those people who wants to do 20 pages in a day but in reality can only do 2 or 3.

At the moment I've been working on the site template. I've had a draft in place for a couple of weeks but its not until I uploaded it that I spotted a couple of errors and then ideas for small improvements, which then have to be changed on other draft pages I've created.

My idea of a good website template for an informative site is :
1)Simple. The template is in the background. Without any content it looks really boring. The point being as soon as content is added that's what visitors focus on as the page content really stands out.

2)Easy to navigate. Whatever page a visitor is on my site any other page they want to visit is only 2 or maximum 3 clicks away. I have top horizontal menu of 8 main categories. Down the left I have a vertical navigational menu which features all the categories of the site.

3)Small file size so pages load fast as users browse the site. 8k - 12 k is ideal.

4)Headings to let visitors know where they are. Every page lets visitors know they are on and each page has its own heading for whatever specific subject that page is on.

5)Page is the width of the screen so every users screen is full of content of my website. Some sites have borders round the sides, just wasting space.

6)Simple, non bright colours. I've opted for standard white background, black arial text and blue link text. The site heading is a doggy brown colour with a blue base, (not my own design), but very suitable. Nice light colours, not to bold or bright. The doggy brown is also the colour used for page headings.

I'll have some pages uploaded in next couple of days for all to see.



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