Thursday, 4 March 2010

Dog Whisperer Tour 2010 - O2 Arena

Last night I was one of the fortunate 20,000 or so people who saw Cesar Millan - a.k.a The Dog Whisperer live at the O2 Arena in London, the first venue as part of his 2010 tour of the UK.

Cesar's first show in the UK, started at 7.30pm. Cesar walked on stage and very quickly became emotional as he viewed the applauding crowd. He seemed overwhelmed and maybe a little nervous at first, but soon settled into his stride.

The show was pretty much as I had personally expected. He covered his well known rules:


Eyes (open 15 days after puppy born)
Ears (open 21 days after puppy born)

It was great to hear from the man himself, in person on the stage. I thoroughly enjoy The Dog Whisperer TV show, but I'm also a great admirer of the man himself. The way he presents himself, interacts with other people, the way he shares his views, his energy, his expertise and what he has achieved in his life, his lack of ego, his views on life and animals, working Mother Natures etc etc etc (I could go on and on).

The first half of the show the stage was set out like a house, with kitchen table, sofa, and TV. there was also a door frame in the center of the stage.

Cesar also became emotionally after showing some photos on the big screen which featured his well known Pit Bull, Daddy, who he lets us know had passed away only recently. I looked through recent newsletter, which I hadn't been checking the email account of and found out that Daddy had passed away on February 20th 2010. One the photos showed Cesar's who family with Daddy, and Cesar stated that it was very shortly after that had been taken that Daddy passed away. For those that don't know Daddy was Cesar's side kick and was a great help helping Cesar to learn dog psychology and actually help Cesar in many of his cases.

At times during the show dogs were bought on the stage. They were generally happy go lucky dogs without any issues. There was one Labrador Retriever that was just a little excitable and Cesar demonstrated how the own should walk the dog, changing her posture and altering the position of the leash to the top of the neck, etc. This dog was also introduced to the treadmill.

Another dog was used to illustrate how to feed a dog, but the dog wasn't hungry.

Next was an excitable puppy, which was very interested in finding the food, and illustrated to the audience, just how the nose was so important and the puppy was constantly trying to jump up to the table on which the bowl of food was.

The show continued until about 8.50pm, at which time Cesar took a 20 minute break. While on his break a clip of Cesar in South park was shown, a very funny clip indeed.

He was back out at 9.10pm and continued on until 10.30pm, so a 3 hour show in total. For this half of the show the backdrop of the stage changed to a field and white fence and the stage featured white fence and gate and a treadmill.

When Cesar came back from his break, he did so through the audience, I was hoping he might walk down my way as I was seated in block B with an edge seat, but as soon as people spotted him, people were up wanting to shake his hand and many wanting to give him a hug, especially the women. So he kind of had to start making his way back to the stage.

The second half of the show featured a therapy dog or as they called it a Pat Dog, which illustrated a the goal of having a Calm Submissive dog.

We were also treated to Kate and Gin of 2008 Britain's Got Talent fame. Cesar had apparently seen them in the show on youtube and invited them. It was an amazing performance which went on for a few minutes. It was longer and better than she did on Britain's Got Talent.

The rest of Dog Whisperer tour continues around the UK, including Cardiff, Manchester, Nottingham, Newcastle, Glasgow, Belfast, Sheffield and Liverpool.

If your going to see him I hope you too have a great time.

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Sunday, 29 November 2009

Cesar Millan - The Dog Whisperer coming to the UK

Cesar Millan, also known as The Dog Whisperer has been in the UK this week promoting an up coming tour of the Uk and Ireland.

He will be giving a seminar on dog pschology and logicn side and then in the second half of the seminar will be hands on and he will be showing his skills.

Listen to Cesar Millan on BBC Gloucestshire radio.

He also appeared on BBC breakfast TV last week, the interview is currently available on the above page.

Friday, 5 June 2009

152 New Rare Dog Breed Profiles

Its been quite a little on the blog front, reason being I have been pulled away to work on other projects.

However, today I incorporated 152 new dog breed profile pages into the site. I have called them rare dog breeds because they are not UK breeds, so although some may be common in other countries they would very rarely been seen in the UK.

I still have a large number of breeds to add as well as interlink many of the pages, which will be easier to do once all dog breeds are completed.

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Thursday, 4 June 2009

Site Improvements

Today I worked on improving the dog breeds section of the site as I felt a number of pages could be interlinked better, ie linking from one relevant page to another. However after working through a few pages I gave up as I would need to redo the job once more dog breed profiles are added.

I have many more of those dog breed profiles to add and that's something I'll be aiming to complete this month.

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Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Dog Walking - Amber and Scooby

Went to RATS, oneof my local dog rescues for the second time today and walked two different crossbreed dogs.

First up was Amber, a lovely white and tan dog. She was a real pleasure to walk. On the walk we saw another walker, a lady who was walking a black Labrador named Ben. I was a good couple of meters away on the far side of the path when he lurched forward and pulled his walker to the floor and dragged her along. She seemed more embarrassed than anything and wasn't really aware of my asking of whether she was ok.

Next up was Scooby, a tanned medium size dog. Very excitable, which I ignored. However, upon walking out the gates and into the first field he decide he wasn't going to move. I pulled him abit at same time as trying to encourage him but he wasn't having any of it. I tried to coax him with a little food but still no budging. I then just relaxed, looked around at the views and tried encouraging him again and along he came. He did try his sit ins a couple more times but was then fine.

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Monday, 2 March 2009

More dog Walking

Did some more dog walking today. A lovely sunny day here in England. Today I walked Ben, a Black Labrador, the very one I had seen on my previous walk that pulled his poor walker flat to the ground!!!

I took him for a good long walk, over an hour. He was well behaved although if given the chance would pull on the lead. Near the end of the walk we stopped near a stream, and in the stream near a pipe which was exiting from the bank I saw a small skull. I took a couple of pictures on my phone and when home searched "British mammal skulls" and from there worked out it could have been the skull of a fox.

After walking Ben, I took again offered to take another dog, and was given Amber, who again walked as good as gold.

In total I walked for near on 2 hours, and I can certainly feel it.

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Thursday, 19 February 2009

Volunteered For Walking Rescue Dogs

Since the passing of my Airedale Terrier Sky, I have missed walking a dog, so Ive been on the look out for possible options.

One of them I found was at R.A.T.S, the Re-homing Animal Telephone Service, which is a fairly local charity.
I had been in email contact this week with them and found out that basically anyone
can go down between the hours of 10am - 4pm and walk a dog. That suits me just fine.

It took me longer than expected to find it at about 50 mins in the car. Although getting home via a different route it was less than 30 mins, so not too long really. Of course in ideal world Id like something a bit nearer.

The first dog I walked was a Lurcher male named Marley. He is approximately 2 years old and supposedly good with other dogs and children. I had asked for an easy dog to walk as it was my first time as a volunteer. I wouldn't say he was easy, within seconds of him coming out he had his paws near my face. He also pulled a bit, especially when saw a dog in the distance. He also didnt know any obedience. On the walk he paid me virtually no attention to me. Wasnt untill the end of the walk when I sat down and gave him some affection that I really got any eye contact.
. I walked him for an hour.

Then seeing as it had taken me so long to find the place I thought I may as well make the most of the time and asked to walk a another dog.

In email contact this week the lady Lisa had mentioned a dog called Kizzy who had been there a while and when I first enquired about her, straight after saying I wanted an easy dog the kennel hand Carol said she was far from easy. Anyway, Kizzy was then the 2nd dog she bought out for me to walk, a Rottweiler cross.

Shes 8 years old and has been in the kennels for 2 years. The Kennel lady had told me she doesnt like her head touched. When I bought her back and asked a couple of questions she told me that Kizzy had been known to bite in the past but that her behaviour had improved with training.

For me she walked fairly well. Didnt pull hard, but was often trying to edge in front.

She was obedient and would sit when asked at gates and also knew down, stay and come, all while on the lead.

I walked her for 1 hour 40 mins. The walks are in nice countryside area around some fields. I got good bout of much need exercise and more importantly so did the 2 dogs.