Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Sky has use at Halloween

Really Im not a grumpy old man! I was ready to give sweets or other treats to any Trick or Treaters tonight who might have knocked at the door and my young daughter would have enjoyed it to.

But as time went on and no callers yet, I didn't want to be disturbed during my daughters bath and bedtime routine, so I let Sky outside to scare off any would be callers. I mean, its all part of the fun. She is pretty scary when she hears people coming and hits the metal gate at the side of our face with full body and barking force at any comers to our front dog.

I did hear one lot of squeals, and it was if they didnt make more than a couple of steps on our path before Sky greeted them. Although I think the jump she gave them as made them laugh once they were going in he opposite direction.

She does have her uses after all. :)

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