Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Sky has use at Halloween

Really Im not a grumpy old man! I was ready to give sweets or other treats to any Trick or Treaters tonight who might have knocked at the door and my young daughter would have enjoyed it to.

But as time went on and no callers yet, I didn't want to be disturbed during my daughters bath and bedtime routine, so I let Sky outside to scare off any would be callers. I mean, its all part of the fun. She is pretty scary when she hears people coming and hits the metal gate at the side of our face with full body and barking force at any comers to our front dog.

I did hear one lot of squeals, and it was if they didnt make more than a couple of steps on our path before Sky greeted them. Although I think the jump she gave them as made them laugh once they were going in he opposite direction.

She does have her uses after all. :)

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Sunday, 21 October 2007

Dogs - Who'd have Em????

Bad day yesterday, involving 2 late trips to the hospital, second one till 2 am. Not going to sleep till 3 am, I of course made sure my lovely Airedale Terrier, Sky, had been let out to the loo, so I could have a nice lay-in, (bar being woken by young daughter).

Now, in advance, to be fair to Sky, I did hear her bark a few times, (a one at a time calling type of bark), my daughter was waking me up, and I hadn't even managed 5 whole hours sleep, ( i need a solid 8 hours!).

Anyway, after 15 minutes I got up, went downstairs,,Sky had dumped in the middle of my conservatory. Charming!!! Not just in one spot either. Oh, of course, not only that, she'd somehow trod in it ???!!!??!! (of course walked it around))!!!

Not feeling too great after previous night (normally I'm in good health), had to spend time thoroughly cleaning the floor!!!!! Fortunately wasn't a stinker. (That is the only positive point).

For me its one of those never rains pours situations, I was still recovering from the previous night and shouldn't have been doing anything other than resting, but she has to add her little bit.
Actually last night when I came back from the hospital, she was really excited, as if pleased to see me back. This was more like her old over excitable self. Nowadays I normally ignore her when I come home and she never jumps up at me anymore.
However, maybe, and more likely, she was just sensing my weakness and dominating me!!!!???!!!!!! Doesn't miss a chance to be a pack leader!!

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Thursday, 11 October 2007

Two Legged Upright Walking Bipedal Dog

While searching through some dog pictures on Google I came across what I thought at first must be a tampered picture, that of a 2 hind legged dog walking upright like a human!!!

If I hadn't seen the video link that accompanied the picture I don't think I would have believed it. However the dog has appeared on the U.S TV talk show "Montel" which you can see in the video link at base of post.

The dogs name is Faith and has a truly amazing story. She was born with just 2 hind legs. Her loving owners taught her first to hop on 2 legs using peanut butter on a spoon as bait. She later began walking. She really does appear to be a truly happy dog as you can see in the video and there hasn't been any health issues resulting from her upright walking.

Faith is the only known Bipedal dog in the world, meaning the only 2 legged walking , hopping, running dog.

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