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Bulldog (English)

English Bulldog
Photo with thanks to Dave, Bizkai Bulldogs,

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Group Utility Dog

Origin / History The English Bulldog was bred for the popular sport of bull baiting, a sport which dates back to at least the 13th century.


Appearance Large broad head, with very short muzzle and upturned lower jaw and heavy folds between the nose and deep stop and small thin rose ears.

Colours Can be virtually any colour, most commonly black and an, brindle, red and fawn with or without black mask or muzzle, white and pied. Not black, black and white or black and tan.

Temperament Affectionate, good natured, strong minded,

Height and Weight 30 - 36 cm in height and 22-25 Kg in weight. Males and females are usually around the size.

Common Health Problems Bulldogs have numerous health issues so it is very important to buy your Bulldog puppy from a very reputable breeder. Being a short muzzle breed they can suffer from breathing problems and overheating on hot days..The wrinkly face needs cleaning to prevent infections and other skin problems.

Suffers many eye problems, such as inturning and out turned eyelids, as well as cataracts and problems with tear ducts. They can also be prone to dislocating kneecaps, heart problems and hip malformation. Sometimes they suffer from malformed tails,(screw tails), which is so tight they have trouble going to the toilet.

Living Conditions Will be happy in the country or a town house with a garden. Owners should be aware of not letting the dog get over heated on hot sunny, humid days, i.e. make sure dog has access to shade if in garden.

Exercise Requirements The build of this breed is not overly suited to lots of exercise and running. However they do need a good daily walk or more frequent shorter outings. Be aware of them not becoming overheated on hot sunny or humid days.

Training Requirements Not an easy dog to obedience or agility train. Do best with firm but gentle and encouraging training.

Life Expectancy 8 - 12 years.

Grooming Fine, short dense coat which doesn't need much care, just a quickly weekly brush to remove dead hair and skin. The wrinkles on the face should be cleaned daily to keep them clean and prevent any skin infections or eczema.

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English Bulldog Pics
English Bulldog
Ronnie the English Bulldog.
Ronnie is our stud dog. He is red and white. He is the son of the Swiss champion Armony at BTeam. He is a year and a half old. He is solid muscle and has great breathing.
English Bulldog
English Bulldog Puppy

Photos with thanks to Dave, Bizkai Bulldogs,
English Bulldog Pics
Eng.Bulldog:Princess Trulte-Louse of Norway.2 years young
Princess Trulte-Louse of Norway.2 years young
Eng.Bulldog:Princess Trulte-Louse of Norway.2 years young
Princess Trulte-Louse of Norway.2 years young



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