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American Pit Bull Terrier

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American Pit Bull Terrier Breeders & Puppies For Sale If your a American Pit Bull Terrier breeder and have American Pit Bull Terrier puppies for sale, send us your details for free and we will add to our American Pit Bull Terrier Breeders page.

American Pit Bull Terrier Rescue Center Visit the American Pit Bull Terrier rescue centers if your looking to rescue a American Pit Bull Terrier, as well as learn more about the breed or just support the rescue centers for there hard work.

Group Terriers (UKC)

Origin / History The American Pit Bull terrier was bred from Bull dogs and terriers to produce the ideal dog fighting breed. In the Uk the breed developed into the Staffordshire Bull terrier whereas the American Pit bull developed into a larger and heavier built breed.

The breed is banned in a number of countries.

Appearance Broad and deep head with muscular cheeks. Moderate length body, with leg well spread apart legs.

Colours Any colour or particolour allowed. All white, or generally more than 80 percent white, and black tan and liver colours are not encouraged.

Temperament Intelligent,

Height and Weight 41 - 48 cm in height and 26 - 30 Kg in weight. Males are generally slightly bigger than the females.

Common Health Problems Generally an alround healthy breed. Has been known to suffer from hereditary cataracts, hip malformation and ataxia, a disorder or the nervous system. May also be prone to skin problems.

Living Conditions Ideally suited to country life, but will be okay in a town house with a garden and so long as it gets plenty of exercise. Not ideally suited to a house with other pets.

Exercise Requirements Needs plenty of exercise every day to burn up its energy. Problems with this breed are much more likely if it isn't being fully exercised everyday. Not enough exercise will result in pent up energy and behavioral problems.

Training Requirements Needs firm and strong leadership. Effort should be made to train this breed, it will do it good to socialise with other dogs and as well as providing the mental stimulation it needs. With the right training these dogs can do well. they respond to firm, encouraging training with plenty of praise.

Life Expectancy 10 - 12 years.

Grooming Short coat just needs a brush once a week to remove dead hair and skin.

Famous Examples

CompleteDogsGuide Comment A breed only for experienced and strong minded owners. This dog needs to be properly socialised with both people and other dogs. Alot of countries don't even allow this breed in there country, mainly because they were owned by the wrong owners who couldn't control or train them properly.

Breeders Comments: Send us yours comments, advice for owners, potential owners etc.

Owners Comments: Send us any of your comments. Thanks in advance.

More American Pit Bull Terrier Information: Check out our American Pit Bull Terrier Clubs and links to more informative web sites dedicated to the breed.

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