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Komondor Breeders & Puppies For Sale If your a Komondor breeder and have Komondor puppies for sale, send us your details for free and we will add to our Komondor Breeders page.

Komondor Rescue Center Visit the Komondor rescue centers if your looking to rescue a Komondor, as well as learn more about the breed or just support the rescue centers for there hard work.

Group Pastoral Dogs (KC)

Origin / History The Komondor is also known as the Hungarian Sheepdog or the Hungarian Komondor. Originating from Hungary, this is one of the larger breeds of dogs whose earliest history can be traced way back in the 1200's. The name is said to have been derived from the phrase 'dog of the Cumans' – who were the settlers in Hungary during that century. During those days, the coat of the Komondor which is similar to that of a sheep is an excellent camouflage to keep wolves and predators from attacking the flock.

Today, Komondors are utilized as a dog breed to guard livestocks, and they are also good guard dogs and companions.

Appearance This breed of dog cannot be mistaken with any other breed, due to its distinctive 'shaggy' coat. The fur is often compared to tassels, cords, dreadlocks or a mop – its corded hair grows from eight up to 11 inches long.

When groomed properly, this breed of dog can appear regal in its bearing with its long, overflowing coat. It has a large head, a short muzzle and long ears which are set downwards to blend with the rest of its coat.

Colours The Komondor is a breed of dog which is exclusively white in color.

Temperament Since the main function of the Komondor is to act as guard dogs, they tend to be a bit territorial and overprotective. They treat animals which are a part of the family as part of the flock that they need to guard, and they are extremely wary of animals who they consider to be strangers.

However, they are extremely affectionate to their masters and the rest of the family members. All in all, the Komondor breed is responsible, dependable, calm and steady instead of being fun-loving and playful like the toy dog breeds.

Height and Weight They should reach heights of between 58 - 66 cm and weight from 36 kg up to 61 Kg.

Common Health Problems Some of the most common health problems with this breed are hip displasia, eye problems, external parasites and bloats.

Living Conditions Those who live in the country would do well to own a Komondor dog. However, they will still survive an urban setting as long as they have enough exercise. This type of dog can also survive living under any weather condition.

Exercise Requirements For the Komondor to not grow lethargic in an urban setting, they need to be exercised daily and taken on brisk walks. On the other hand, if they are working as a guard dog in a country setting, they will receive the amount of physical activity that they need to keep them fit and healthy.

Training Requirements Since Komondors are independent and strong-willed, it does take an even stronger-willed owner or breeder to train them. Firmness and consistency are the qualities that need to be applied when training this dog variety.

Obedience training for this dog breed should be done as early as its puppy stage, to familiarize the animal with the proper behavior. The style of training should fit the owner's requirements, on whether they will be used as guard dogs or as more friendly canine companions.

Life Expectancy The lifespan of this breed of dog is anywhere from 10 to 12 years.

Grooming Grooming Komondors proves to be quite a challenge. Their massive bodies and enormous coat cannot simply be combed or brushed. Although there is very little shredding, it takes about an hour to bathe and a lot of time to dry their coats.

The cords should also be separated regularly. Trimming is necessary to keep its even length and to maintain the neatness of the coat. To keep the coat from being off-white in color, regular and proper grooming is necessary.

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