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Ibizan Hound

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Photo with thanks to Lesa,

Ibizan Hound Breeders & Puppies For Sale If your a Ibizan Hound breeder and have Ibizan Hound puppies for sale, send us your details for free and we will add to our Ibizan Hound Breeders page.

Ibizan Hound Rescue Center Visit the Ibizan Hound rescue centers if your looking to rescue a Ibizan Hound, as well as learn more about the breed or just support the rescue centers for there hard work.

Group Hounds (KC)

Origin / History The Ibizan Hound is an old breed which is found of the Spanish Islands of Ibiza, Majorca, Minorca and Formentera and the coastal areas of Catlonia. Its though its ancestor is ancient Pharaoh Hound.

They are bred for hunting game including rabbits, hares and partridges, both on there own or as part of a pack.

Appearance Long narrow head and muzzle with large prick ears. Me dim length body with arched loins, deep chest and flat ribs. Long strong legs with hare feet and a long tail.

Colours Solid white, red or lion colour or red and white with lion colour.

Temperament Happy, sensitive, non aggressive, energetic, active, alert.

Height and Weight 56 - 74 cm in height and 19 -25Kg in weight. Males and females are roughly the same size.

Common Health Problems A very healthy breed. Known problems include nerve and muscle disorders

Living Conditions Ideally suited to life in the country as it needs to much exercise and free running to be happy in a town. The garden needs to be securely fenced to prevent escape. Likes the company of his owners as much as possible.

Exercise Requirements An active breed which needs alot of daily exercise, so at least a 1 hour a day walk and plenty of free running off lead. Will certainly enjoy extra walks and playtimes.

Training Requirements An average breed to train at obedience. A gentle calm approach works best. With its strong hunting instinct Its not easy to teach this breed the recall, especially off lead.

Life Expectancy 12 - 14 years.

Grooming There are two coat varieties, smooth coat and a long rough coat. Both are easy when it comes to grooming just requiring a quick daily brush.

Famous Examples

CompleteDogsGuide Comment An active breed which is best suited to active owners they have plenty of time to spend in the presence of there dog.

Breeders Comments: Send us yours comments, advice for owners, potential owners etc.

Owners Comments: Send us any of your comments. Thanks in advance.

More Ibizan Hound Information: Check out our Ibizan Hound Clubs and links to more informative websites dedicated to the breed.

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