Friday, 5 October 2007

Welcome to Complete Dogs Guide Blog and Website

Welcome to my new blog and website all in one. My original plan was just to create a website, the "Complete Dogs Guide" but it may well take a a few weeks before I have enough good dog content worthy of being uploaded.

However, in the meantime I can blog my progress with the website as well as other possible journeys I'll be taking along the way.

One of those "journeys" will be the quest for a "balanced dog". I'm not a dog expert, far from it. I'm just a dog owner. The dog I have is Sky, a 5 year old , (6 next month) Airedale Terrier.
Put it this way, she is far from balanced. However, without her it's highly unlikely I would have embarked on creating a dog website at all.

There will be plenty more about her in the not to distant future!


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