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Tenterfield Terrier

Tenterfield Terrier
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Origin / History The Tenterfield Terrier is a breed that was developed by crossing the Manchester Black and Tan Terrier or English Toy Terrier with the Standard  Fox Terrier. It is believed that the Tenterfield Terrier was developed during the 1800s. Later on, the Whippet was crossed with the breed. At one point, Chihuahuas were also used, but nowadays, outcrossing to other breeds is no longer permitted.

Although Tenterfield Terriers originated in England, modern dogs of this breed were developed in Australia. Because of this, the Tenterfield Terrier is considered as one of several truly Australian bred dogs. The name Tenterfield Terrier was a suggestion of Don Burke, who was a television personality during the 1990s. The South Australian Miniature Fox Terrier Club adopted his suggestion, and to this day, the name Tenterfield terrier is still being used.

Appearance Tenterfield Terriers are small, active dogs. These dogs have a medium-sized head with a strong muzzle. Their large ears are bat-like and their oval-shaped eyes are dark in colour and always look attentive. Their neck and head are well-balanced. Unlike other terrier breeds, Tenterfield Terriers aren't heavily muscled, although they do have strong thighs and a broad chest. The front legs of these dogs have strong, round bones, and their feet are round in shape. Their tail sticks straight up off their short, strong back. Tail docking has been pronounced illegal in Australia, but these dogs may sport natural bob tails. The coat of Tenterfield Terriers is sleek and smooth.

Colours The coat of these dogs should be white with markings of tan, liver, or black. It's not acceptable for these dogs to come in a solid colour.

Temperament Although Tenterfield Terriers are loyal, they can often be stubborn. They love their owners and are eager to please them, but they are also independent. These dogs are brave and confident, and they can be aggressive towards other canines. Because of the hunting instincts of Tenterfield Terriers, they should not be left alone with small animals. These dogs can get along well with older, well-behaved children. They also enjoy human companionship, but they are suspicious of people and animals that they are not familiar with.

Height and Weight Tenterfield Terriers have a height that ranges from 10 to 12 inches and their weight falls between 7 and 10 pounds.

Common Health Problems These dogs are fairly healthy, although they can be prone to getting afflicted with luxation patella.

Living Conditions Tenterfield Terriers can be kept inside apartments as long as they are given enough exercise. These dogs are fairly active indoors and can do well even without a yard if they are provided with chances to run around in a safe area.

Exercise Requirements These dogs enjoy running and would love the chance to play around in a large, secure area. It's recommended that Tenterfield Terriers be allowed to run off leash for at least three times a week. It's also important for these dogs to be taken out for a long walk daily. After their long walk, these dogs would be content to just snuggle with their owners.

Training Requirements Tenterfield Terriers should be properly socialized with humans and canines at an early age so that they will grow up to be well-adjusted and well-mannered. These dogs need owners who have strong leadership skills who can train them using firm and consistent methods. When not trained properly, these dogs can develop various behavior problems. These behavior problems include excessive barking, feistiness, stubbornness, persistence, and impulsiveness.

Life Expectancy These dogs can live for as long as 14 years when properly taken care of.

Grooming Little grooming is needed by these dogs. Owners should just brush and bathe these dogs occasionally.

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