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Swedish Elkhound

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General Breed Information

The Swedish Elkhound is a hunting dog breed that's been existing since the ancient times. Dogs of this breed were raised by people in Jamtland, a province located in Sweden. This breed has been named the National Dog of Sweden and the National Dog of the Swedish Marines. It is also the official service canine of the Swedish Air Force. It is believed that these dogs were already prevalent during the 1000s. The ancestors of Swedish Elkhounds may have been the dogs that served as companions of the Stone Age people. It is also theorized that this breed may have been created by the locals that resided in the northern part of Sweden during the last Ice Age. The Swedish Elkhound was granted recognition as a distinct breed in 1946.

Swedish Elkhounds are Spitz-type hunting dogs with a rectangular body. Their head is clean cut and their skull is slightly arched. They have a straight and broad nasal bridge and their muzzle tapers toward their wide nose. The lips of these dogs is tight-fitting and they have a complete set of evenly spaced teeth meeting in a scissors bite. The undercoat of these dogs is woolly and soft, and their outer coat is hard. The acceptable coat colours for this breed are dark and light gray. They may also have light gray or cream markings on their cheeks, the side of their muzzle, and on their throat.

These dogs can live for around 12 to 13 years.

Famous Examples

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