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Small Swiss Hound

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General Breed Information

When the system of hunting in enclosed areas became prevalent in Switzerland, hunters realized that the larger Swiss Hounds were not suitable for this type of hunting. It was then decided that these dogs should be replaced with shorter-legged and smaller scenthounds. This new breed, which is the Small Swiss Hound, was created through selective and controlled breeding. This breed comes in four coat colour varieties. These varieties are the Small Bernese Hound, Small Jura Hound, Small Lucerne Hound, and Small Schwyz Hound.

Male Small Swiss Hounds have a height that ranges from 14 to 17 inches, while females have a height that ranges from 13 to 16 inches. These dogs have a lightly arched skull with a moderately developed stop. Their muzzle is fairly long and strong, and their nasal bridge may be slightly convex or straight. These dogs have white, evenly spaced teeth that meet in a scissors bite. Their nose is dark in colour and has wide-opened nostrils. The eyes of these dogs are dark, oval-shaped, and have a friendly expression. They have long, pendulous ears that are set low and carried close to their cheeks. Their body is moderately long, with a broad and deep chest and moderately rounded, long loins. These dogs have a firm and straight back, and their croup is slightly sloping. Their forequarters are well-muscled, light, and moderately long, and they have fairly round feet that have short, tight, well-arched toes with hard, rough pads.

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