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Russian Spaniel

Russian Spaniel
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Origin / History The Russian Spaniel is considered the youngest breed among the Russian gun dogs. This breed originated in Russia in the late 1800s. It was during this time that an English Cocker Spaniel was first shown in the country. After that, large numbers of the English Cocker Spaniel were imported into the country for use in hunting. Breeders began refining the English Cocker Spaniel to improve its hunting skills. Due to careful selection and breeding using English Cocker Spaniels, the Russian Spaniel was created. In 1951, the breed was standardized and has since then been maintained using selective pairings.

The breed was introduced to the United States and Canada when owners of these dogs migrated to those countries while bringing their dogs along with them. In 2002, the Russian Spaniel Club was established in an effort to unite the owners of Russian Spaniels across the US and Canada. This club promoted the breed, kept track and established breeding stock, maintained the Russian Spaniel registry, controlled and documented all breeding activity, and awarded official pedigrees to imported or planned puppies of this breed.

Appearance Russian Spaniels resemble other spaniel breeds, particularly the Cocker Spaniel. Russian Spaniels are slightly taller than English Cocker Spaniels, and have long, muscular legs and a slightly elongated croup. They have a small, square head with a long muzzle. Like other spaniels, these dogs have big eyes that are very expressive. They have a wide neck, a broad chest, and a sunken belly. The ears of these dogs are larger than their heads and are covered in wavy fur. The legs of these dogs are short and skinny, and their feet are small. The coat of these dogs is sleek and extremely short, except on their legs and ears.  

Colours The coat of Russian Spaniels is usually white with markings that are red, brown, or black in colour.

Temperament Russian Spaniels are very loyal to their family. They're also good with children and can get along well with other dogs. Aside from being excellent working dogs, Russian Spaniels are also good-natured family companions and can make dependable watchdogs. They are very devoted to their master, always wanting to keep him or her in sight. These dogs are also intelligent and eager to please, making it quite easy for their owners to train them. 

Height and Weight These dogs stand at 15 to 17 3/4 inches, and they weigh approximately 28 to 35 pounds.

Common Health Problems Russian Spaniels have a tendency to overeat, so owners must make sure that they strictly monitor the diet of these dogs.

Living Conditions It's alright for these dogs to be kept inside apartments just as long as they're getting enough exercise. They can live in both a city and rural environment. It's best, however, that they be provided with at least a small yard where they can do some physical activities. 

Exercise Requirements These dogs have a lot of stamina and they need regular exercise. Owners should take these dogs out for a long, daily walk or jog. When not provided with sufficient exercise, these dogs can develop behavior problems.

Training Requirements Due to their intelligence and eagerness to please, Russian Spaniels are relatively easy to train. These dogs need owners who are firm, consistent, and can be confident pack leaders. Proper socialization at an early age is also recommended for these dogs. As working dogs, Russian Spaniels can work at a young age, and they do not require much training.

Life Expectancy The average life span of these dogs is 14 years.

Grooming Unlike other spaniel breeds, these dogs need little grooming and are easy to care for. Their coat should just be brushed on an occasional basis, and bathing them should be done only when necessary.

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