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Perro dogo Mallorquin

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General Breed Information

The Perro dogo Mallorquin is an ancient dog breed that has been existing in Spain since the 11th century. This breed originated from the Balearas and Mallorca islands. In 1964, this breed was granted recognition by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale. Originally, this breed was referred to as the Car de Bou. It's also known by other names such as Mallorca Dogge, Majorca Mastiff, and Mallorquin Bulldog. During the 18th century, dogs of this breed were bred to be guard dogs, but they were also used for dogfighting and were known as "the fighting dog of the islands." There are only around 400 specimens of this breed today, and they are relatively rare and unheard of outside Spain.

The Perro dogo Mallorquin has a maximum height of 22 inches and a maximum weight of 150 pounds. Dogs of this breed are compact and sturdy, with a body composition that is similar to that of a Mastiff. The male and female specimens of this breed can be easily distinguished from each other because the males have heads that are significantly larger than that of the females. The coat of these dogs is short and sleek, and may come in shades of yellow, brindle, or tan. These dogs have a black mask.

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