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Munsterlander Small

Munsterlander Small
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Munsterlander (small) Rescue Center Visit the Munsterlander (small) rescue centers if your looking to rescue a Munsterlander (small), as well as learn more about the breed or just support the rescue centers for there hard work.


Origin / History The Small Munsterlander was originally used to work with falconers of noble families before guns were used in small game and bird hunting. The Small Munsterlander had to flush prey for falcons and allow the falcons to be in charge of the prey until the falconer can retrieve it while the dog points at it. Until today, Small Munsterlanders are excellent when it comes to pointing and close searching. This breed works well in both the field and in water.

During the 1800s, the Small Munsterlander's popularity had dwindled. By then, dogs of this breed were low in number and were only kept by several families on farms in Munster, Germany. For around 50 years, the Small Munsterlanders that were bred were used mostly as companions rather than for sport. Oftentimes, these dogs would also be used for hunting so that the owner's family can have food to eat. By the latter years of the 19th century, efforts were made to re-establish the breed using the remaining lines found in the Munster region.

Appearance Small Munsterlanders are medium-sized pointing dogs that are balanced and elegant. These dogs are a little longer than they are tall, and their coat is glossy and medium length. They have a long and lean skull that is either flat or slightly arched on top. Their muzzle is of the same length as their skull, is powerful, and has a straight nasal bone. These dogs have brown, close-fitting lips, and large teeth that are white and meet in a scissors bite. Their medium-sized eyes are dark brown and have tight-fitting lids. They have a brown nose and ears that are set high and carried close to their head. Small Munsterlanders have round feet with well-arched, tight toes. The tail of these dogs is medium-length and set high.

Colours The acceptable coat colours for this breed include white and brown. They may also have roan, mantle, or ticked patterns. These dogs can also have a white tail tip as well as a white blaze. It's also acceptable for them to have tan points above their eyes, on their cheeks, and around their anus.

Temperament Small Munsterlanders are highly intelligent and attentive. These dogs are also strong-willed and are usually determined to follow their sense of smell. They do best when given a job to do, and insufficient exercise or mental stimulation may cause these dogs to develop undesirable behaviors. When inside the house, these dogs are affectionate and have a happy disposition. These dogs need human companionship and tend to bond closely with the person they're hunting with. These dogs can also get along well with other pets that they've been raised with since puppyhood.

Height and Weight The height of these dogs is approximately 18 to 22 inches, and their weight is 35 to 60 pounds.

Common Health Problems These dogs are generally healthy and have no recorded genetic health issues.

Living Conditions It's not advisable for these dogs to be kept in a kennel because they need human companionship. It's best for these dogs to be provided with a yard where they can play and do some physical activities.

Exercise Requirements Like other breeds, it's important for Small Munsterlanders to get their daily dose of exercise. It's best for these dogs to be given a job to do. They should also be taken out for walks daily to satisfy their primal instinct to walk.

Training Requirements It's important for owners to train these dogs with gentleness and patience. It's essential to be consistent and decisive when training these dogs, otherwise, they may be hard to control. Both hand and voice signals should be used because a Small Munsterlander looks back at the hunter for signals when pointing or on hold.

Life Expectancy The Small Munsterlander can live for up to 13 or 14 years.

Grooming Owners just need to brush the coat of these dogs on a regular basis to get rid of loose and dead hairs.

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