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Mountain Feist

Mountain Feist
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Origin / History The Mountain Feist was developed in the southern part of North America. These dogs may be a cross between a hound and a terrier, although they are usually mistaken for a Jack Russell terrier or a rat terrier. These dogs are used mainly as squirrel dogs, although they are also good at tracking larger games as well as for hunting raccoons.

The Ozark Mountains and the Southern Appalachian are considered as the ancestral homeland of Mountain Feists. These dogs are also called “Treeing Feist” because of their exceptional treeing abilities. Although these dogs aren't popular, they aren't new. There have been written accounts of these dogs that go back several centuries. Abraham Lincoln's poem, "The Bear Hunt," mentioned these dogs. Aside from that, George Washington's diary also contains references to Mountain Feists. It is not certain how long these dogs have been in the United States, but it is believed that Mountain Feists played an important role in helping early settlers.

Appearance These dogs have a strong and straight back, while their chest is well ribbed and fairly deep. They have a skull that is slightly rounded, and their muzzle is medium in length. Their medium length neck is strong, and they have a level top line. The ears of these dogs are set well on the sides of their head and are held either semi-erect or erect. Their teeth meet in a level or scissors bite. Mountain Feists have straight and strong forelegs, and muscular hind legs that have slightly bent hocks. Their feet are compact and small, having thick pads and arched toes. The nose of these dogs is black. Their tail is carried erect and set high.

Colours The short and smooth coat of these dogs can be tri-colour with spots. The acceptable coat colours for these dogs include red and white, black and tan, red, black, red brindle, white, and blue and white.

Temperament These dogs have an innate curiosity about practically everything, and they are highly intelligent. Despite being lap dogs, Mountain Feists won't just sit around and do nothing all day. In fact, they are very energetic and always want to play. They are protective of the people they love. They can also be used for hunting opossum, raccoon, and squirrel.

Height and Weight The height of the Mountain Feist ranges from 10 to 22 inches, and their weight falls between 10 and 30 pounds.

Common Health Problems Mountain Feists have no known genetic health issues. They can get ill, but the ailments affecting them are those that are common to other dog breeds as well.

Living Conditions These dogs can live indoors, but owners of Mountain Feists must make sure that they give these dogs enough exercise. It's still best for these dogs to be provided with a yard where they can run around and do some physical activities.

Exercise Requirements Like other dogs, Mountain Feists need to be provided with exercise daily. Owners should take time to give these dogs their long, daily walk or jog. These dogs would also benefit from being allowed to run freely in a large, secure area. In case owners have a problem with vermin in their home, these dogs can also help eliminate these unwanted pests.

Training Requirements Mountain Feists are relatively easy to train because they are eager to please. These dogs can be trained to help in the field, on the farm, or in the yard. Firm and gentle training methods will work well with these dogs.

Life Expectancy Not much is known regarding the life span of these dogs.

Grooming Owners just need to brush and comb the coat of these dogs occasionally to get rid of loose and dead hairs.

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