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Miniature Australian Bulldog

Miniature Australian Bulldog
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Miniature Australian Bulldog Rescue Center Visit the Miniature Australian Bulldog rescue centers if your looking to rescue a Miniature Australian Bulldog, as well as learn more about the breed or just support the rescue centers for there hard work.


Origin / History The Miniature Australian Bulldog is a dog breed developed by Lee-Ann Milton and Pip Nobes. They wanted to create a smaller version of the Australian Bulldog and a healthier version of the English Bulldog. For this endeavor, they used a full-sized Australian Bulldog and interbred it with other breeds such as the French Bulldog and the Pug.

Originally, they tried using the Staffordshire Bull Terrier and the Boston Terrier to create the Miniature Australian Bulldog. These two breeds were replaced because their temperament was undesirable for the project.

Appearance Miniature Australian bulldogs have a strong body that is compact and solid. Their head is very strong and square-shaped. The eyes of these dogs are set wide apart above their wide muzzle, and they have approximately one to three folds of wrinkles across their nose. The nostrils of these dogs are open and large, while their teeth can have up to a quarter inch undershot bite, although breeders want to make it a near level bite. The teeth of these dogs should be close to each other, not scattered within their mouth. Their chest should be deep and broad, and their neck must have an arch. The forearms of these dogs are set wide apart, with a slight angulation at the shoulders. These dogs have muscular hindquarters, and their tail is either in screw or long. They have cat-like feet that feature hard pads and rounded toes. The coat of these dogs is smooth and short.

Colours The acceptable coat colours of this breed include shades of apricot, orange, fawn, mahogany, red, and white. They can also be in shades of brindle, which include black, silver, mahogany, red, and fawn. It's also acceptable for these dogs to have a pied colouring.

Temperament Miniature Australian Bulldogs love being part of a family. They are loving, intelligent, and loyal. These dogs can get along well with children, and they can make good watch dogs when they reach a mature age. With a very sound temperament, these dogs don't show any aggression problems. In fact, they even strive for attention and affection from their family members.

Height and Weight The height of these dogs is approximately 14 inches, and their weight is around 30 pounds.

Common Health Problems Breeders are trying to eliminate the health problems that may affect this breed, but it is still unknown whether they have been successful or not.

Living Conditions These dogs should be kept indoors and not left outside in a kennel. They do best in places with temperate climates because they don't do well in harsh weather. It's hard for them to cool off during very warm weather, and it's hard for them to keep themselves warm in cold weather.

Exercise Requirements Miniature Australian Bulldogs need much exercise. It's important for these dogs to be taken out on long walks daily. They also appreciate swimming during summer and being allowed to lay under the sun during winter.

Training Requirements Due to the loyalty and intelligence of these dogs, they are relatively easy to train. It's important for these dogs to be trained for obedience and undergo proper socialization at a young age. Owners should also be able to display strong leadership skills and make the dogs believe that humans are higher in pack rank than dogs are. When training these dogs, it's important to be calm, firm, confident, and consistent. It's also advisable for owners to take these dogs out for daily pack walks because doing so can greatly help in preventing the development of behavior problems.

Life Expectancy These dogs can live for approximately 10 to 12 years.

Grooming The coat of these dogs should be brushed on a regular basis. Owners should also wipe the face of the dog using a damp cloth to clean between the wrinkles.

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