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Origin / History The Kromfohrlander is among the most recently developed dog breeds. This breed was developed in Germany right after the second World War. When American troops came to Germany after the war was over, they went into the town of Siegen and brought with them a small, shaggy dog. This dog bred with the dog of Mrs. Schleifenbaum, a local townswoman. Mrs. Schleifenbaum found the resulting puppies to be so uniform and so beautiful that she decided to develop the puppies to become a new breed, which is now the Kromfohrlander.

In 1955, the German Kennel Club granted recognition to the breed, and shortly after that, the Kromfohrlander became recognized by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale as well. Today, this breed is still relatively unknown to many.

Appearance Kromfohrlanders have a slightly round skull that has a length equal to that of their muzzle. The medium-sized nose of these dogs is brown or black in colour and have well-opened nostrils. Their dark brown eyes are medium-sized as well. They have triangular ears that are set high and carried in a semi-drop style. These dogs have a straight and strong back, and a strong neck that doesn't have a dewlap. Their tail, which isn't docked, is carried sabre-style; it hangs down when the dog is at rest, but is carried over the back when the dog is alert. These dogs have straight forelegs, strong forearms, and muscular shoulders. They also have powerful hind legs that have muscular thighs. The coat of these dogs may be either rough or smooth.

Colours These dogs are predominantly white with light brown, tan, or dark brown markings on their head and body.

Temperament Kromfohrlanders are loving dogs that are loyal to their family. These dogs are excellent family companions because they've been bred for that purpose. Although these dogs may have a moderate hunting instinct, they still prefer family companionship over hunting. They can be quite reserved around strangers, which is why it's important for these dogs to be socialized at an early age. Kromfohrlanders can get along well with older, considerate children. They can also be good with other pets, although they may have a tendency to chase. These dogs are moderately independent and are generally not dominant.

Height and Weight Kromfohrlanders have a height that ranges from 15 to 18 inches, and a weight that falls between 22 and 31 pounds.

Common Health Problems Some dogs of this breed may have stifle-joint disease, which is a hereditary ailment. They may also be susceptible to developing gray cataracts and epilepsy.

Living Conditions Being highly adaptable, these dogs can be kept inside apartments or in a city environment. It's important, though, that they get enough exercise.

Exercise Requirements Like other dog breeds, it's essential for Kromfohrlanders to be taken out for long walks daily to satisfy their primal instinct for walking. They should also be given the chance to run around and do some physical activities in a large, secure area.

Training Requirements These dogs should be trained using positive reinforcement methods. It's also advisable for Kromfohrlanders to be socialized properly at a young age so that they can get along well with dogs and other pets. These dogs are highly intelligent, quick to learn, and obedient, so owners won't find it difficult to train them.

Life Expectancy The average life span of Kromfohrlanders is 16.5 years.

Grooming These dogs should only be bathed when they already become excessively dirty. Frequent bathing can strip natural oils off the dog's coat. Owners should also take the time to brush the coat of these dogs on a regular basis to keep them healthy and clean, and to remove loose and dead hairs.

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