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Karst Shepherd

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General Breed Information

The Karst Shepherd is considered as the oldest indigenous Slovenian dog breed. It has even been named a national treasure. In 1939, this breed was internationally recognized as the Illyrian Shepherd, but was re-recognized under the name “Kraševec” in 1968. Dogs of this breed work excellently as flock guards and also make great companion dogs. This breed has been granted recognition by the Slovenian Kennel Club.

Male Karst Shepherds have a height that ranges from 22 to 25 inches, while females stand at 21 to 24 inches tall. These dogs have a weight that falls between 58 and 88 pounds. Karst Shepherds are medium-sized dogs with a compact build. They are slightly longer than they are tall. They have dark brown, almond-shaped eyes, and their ears are long and lie flat against their skull. These dogs have a solid and straight back with a medium-width chest and well-sprung ribs. The teeth of these dogs meet in a scissors bite. The coat of these dogs comes in various shades of grey, from iron to very dark. Karst Shepherds with a dark coat sport a lighter colour on their legs.

These dogs are expected to live for around 11 to 12 years.

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