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Grand Anglo-Francais Tricolore

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Grand Anglo-Francais Tricolore Rescue Center Visit the Grand Anglo-Francais Tricolore rescue centers if your looking to rescue a Grand Anglo-Francais Tricolore, as well as learn more about the breed or just support the rescue centers for there hard work.

General Breed Information

The Grand Anglo-Francais Tricolore is a variation of the Grand Anglo-Francais, although it is considered a separate breed. This breed is a descendant of tricoloured Poitevins and English Foxhounds. French Hounds may have also been used for the development of this breed. The Grand Anglo-Francais Tricolore was bred for hunting large game such as wild boar and roe deer. This breed is recognized by the United Kennel Club and the Fédération Cynologique Internationale.

The Grand Anglo-Francais Tricolore has a moderately broad skull that is rather flat. Dogs of this breed have a muzzle that has approximately the same length as its skull. The nose of these dogs is black and their large eyes are brown with dark eye rims. They have a complete set of white, evenly spaced teeth that meet in a scissors bite. Their ears are flat at the base and set at eye level. These dogs have a broad and deep chest, and rounded and long ribs. They have a straight and well-supported back, and their loin is muscular and short. They have slightly angulated, low, and broad hocks. These dogs have lean feet that are rather round. Their coat is short and relatively coarse. The accepted coat colours for this breed include hound tricolour, with black patches or a black blanket. The tan on their coat should be bright and should have no black shading.

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