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Entlebucher Mountain Dog

Entlebucher Mountain Dog
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Entlebucher Mountain Dog Rescue Center Visit the Entlebucher Mountain Dog rescue centers if your looking to rescue a Entlebucher Mountain Dog, as well as learn more about the breed or just support the rescue centers for there hard work.


Origin / History The Entlebucher Mountain Dog is one of the four types of Swiss Mountain and Cattle Dogs; the other three being the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, the Appenzeller Sennenhund and the Bernese Mountain Dog. The exact origin of the Entlebucher Mountain Dog isn't known, but there are theories suggesting that this breed is a descendant of the guarding and fighting mastiffs of the Roman Legions.

The Entlebucher Mountain Dog was named after its native region Entlebuch, which is a valley that is situated within the district of Berne and the Cantons Lucerne. Although this breed is very popular in Switzerland, it is rarely found in places outside that country. There was even a time when dogs of this breed were in danger of becoming extinct. But a man named Franz Schertenleib searched for these dogs and was able to increase their number with the help of Professor Albert Heim, who is a Zurich show judge.

Appearance Entlebucher Mountain Dogs are medium-sized and heavily boned dogs with a muscular body. The hips of these dogs are brawny and wide, and their hocks are well-angulated. They have a flat skull, and their muzzle is straight, strong and well-developed. These dogs have small, dark brown eyes and high-set, triangular, medium-sized ears that are rounded at the tips. They have powerful jaws that are long and well-formed. The tail of these dogs is usually docked. The coat of these dogs is close-fitting, harsh and smooth.

Colours These dogs are often black with white markings on their chest, toes and the tip of their tail. These dogs also sport tan markings, which always lie between the colours black and white. They also have tan points above their eyes.

Temperament Dogs of this breed are territorial and are often suspicious of strangers, making them excellent watch dogs. They will alert their owners in case there are intruders or newcomers. These dogs are intelligent, agile and loyal. They need human companionship and love spending time with their family members. It's important for these dogs to feel that they're part of the family. These dogs also get along well with children, but they must be trained to be gentle with small kids because these dogs may have a tendency to play roughly.

Height and Weight Entlebucher Mountain Dogs have a height that ranges from 19 to 20 inches and a weight that falls between 55 and 66 pounds.

Common Health Problems These dogs are considered generally healthy, although some lines are prone to getting afflicted with eye problems such as progressive retinal atrophy.

Living Conditions It's not advisable for these dogs to be kept inside apartments. It would be good for these dogs to be provided with a large yard where they can run around and do some physical activities.

Exercise Requirements Like other breeds, it's important for owners of these dogs to take them out for long walks or jogs daily. These dogs will also appreciate play sessions with their family members.

Training Requirements Owners of Entlebucher Mountain Dogs should train their dogs using firm, consistent methods. It's important for owners to display strong leadership skills and make their dogs understand that humans are higher on the pack rank than dogs are. These dogs should also be socialized at a young age.

Life Expectancy These dogs are expected to live for approximately 11 to 15 years.

Grooming The coat of these dogs is easy to groom and maintain. Owners just need to brush the coat of these dogs on a regular basis to get rid of loose and dead hairs. These dogs should only be bathed and dry shampooed when necessary because frequent bathing can strip the natural oils off their coat.

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