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Caravan Hound

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General Breed Information

The Caravan Hound is an ancient dog breed that originated in the Deccan Plateau, which is located in India. Caravan Hounds are referred to as an offshoot of the Saluki. The breed got its name from the fact that it was introduced to India by mercenaries and traders from Asia that arrived using caravans. The people then started to call the dogs "karwani" which means "of the caravans". The breed was renamed by the Kennel Club of India, but somehow, the name "Caravan Hound" stuck and was continued to be used by the people in the area. In the region of Karnataka, however, the dog came to be known as the "Mudhol Hound", a name given to the breed after a small town located in the Bijapur district. The official name still remains to be Caravan Hound because the breed is found not only in Mudhol.

Caravan Hounds are slender sighthounds. They have a narrow and long head with a tapered muzzle and a large, dark nose. Although these dogs may seem delicate, their jaws are powerful and strong. They have large, oval-shaped eyes that range in colour from amber to dark hazel. These dogs have a lean, muscular neck. Their forelegs are lean, long, and well-boned, and their back is well-muscled and is curved over their loin. The chest of these dogs is deep with well-sprung ribs. They have a strong tail that is set low and is carried in a curve. Caravan Hounds come in two coat types, the first being smooth and short-haired, the other being fringed, feathered, and silky.

These dogs live for around 10 to 15 years.

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