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Buldogue Campeiro

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Buldogue Campeiro Rescue Center Visit the Buldogue Campeiro rescue centers if your looking to rescue a Buldogue Campeiro, as well as learn more about the breed or just support the rescue centers for there hard work.

General Breed Information

The Buldogue Campeiro, which means rural bulldog, is considered to be among the rarest dog breeds in the world. It is believed that dogs of this breed have been in existence since the 16th century and are thus considered ancient and rustic. These dogs were used for capturing wild or lost cattle, which lead the cattle as well as pigs to the slaughterhouse. Also known as the Brazilian Bulldog, the Buldogue Campeiro descended from English Bulldogs and were introduced by European immigrants to the Rio Grande del Sur and Santa Catarina in Brazil. This breed has been granted recognition by the Brazilian Canine Organization.

Standing between 18.9 and 22.8 inches and weighing from 77.2 to 99.2 pounds, the Buldogue Campeiro has a strong and powerful build. These dogs have a broad and deep chest with a well-rounded rib cage. Their head is wide, and their neck is muscular. They have a a wide and strong snout. Their forequarters are slightly sloping, with their front legs turned slightly outwards. These dogs have small almond-shaped eyes and medium-sized ears that are set high. Their lips are semi-pendulous and wide, and they have well-rounded cheeks. The coat of these dogs is smooth, short, set tightly flat, and not fluffy. The acceptable coat colours include solid white, brindle, and white and tan.

The Bulldogue Campeirp is flexible and well-adapted. These dogs are known to have a calm temperament, but still maintain good spirit and loyalty to its master and the family. These dogs, however, are quite reserved when it comes to strangers.

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