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General Breed Information

Also known as the Artois Hound, the Briquet was used for hunting during the time of Henry IV and Louis XIII. This breed originated in Northern France, at the region that borders the English Channel. By the 19th century, this breed gained popularity among French hunters who got these dogs from the British Isles. Because of the importation of various British types, crossbreeding resulted in the diminished number of pure Briquets. After the Second World War, the breed was in danger of extinction. During the 1970s, several breeders attempted to revive the breed through the use of a few remaining specimens. Today, there are now approximately 500 Briquets registered in stud books.

Briquets are well-muscled dogs. They have a well-supported, broad back and slightly arched loins. Their croup is well muscled, and their chest is long and broad. The limbs of these dogs are vertical and strong, and their shoulders are muscled and oblique. Their feet are slightly elongated, tight, and strong, with pads that are compact, tough, and black in colour. They have a strong tail that is quite long. The skin of these dogs is quite thick. Their coat is composed of thick, short hairs. They have a dark fawn tricolour, in large patches or with a mantle.

The maximum life span of these dogs is 13 years. The nails of these dogs should be trimmed, and their ears should be checked regularly for infection. Regular brushing of the coat is needed, but these dogs should only be bathed when necessary.

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