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Wire Fox Terrier

Wire Fox Terrier from England
Photo with thanks to Yvonne Murgatroyd

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Wire Fox Terrier Rescue Center Visit the Wire Fox Terrier rescue centers if your looking to rescue a Wire Fox Terrier , as well as learn more about the breed or just support the rescue centers for there hard work.

Group Terriers (KC)

Origin / History The Wire Fox Terrier, also called Wire-Haired Fox Terrier, was created by enthusiasts of fox hunting in England, and was said to have descended from the Black-and-Tan Working Terrier, a rough-coated terrier that originated from Durham, Derbyshire, and Wales. It was also believed that the Wire Fox Terrier was bred to run after foxes into their underground burrows, and that hunters pulled these dogs out through their tails. Aside from being hunting dogs, Wire Fox Terriers were also used as guard dogs, trackers, and ratters.

Appearance The Wire Fox Terrier is a balanced dog with a sturdy build and weighs around 15 to 21 pounds. Its coat has a rough, wiry, broken, and distinct appearance compared to another related breed called the Smooth Fox Terrier. The head of the Wire Fox Terrier has a tapered, narrow, and flat appearance, with ears folding forward and resembling V-shaped flaps. Its eyes should be dark, moderately small, and have an expression of intelligence and energy.

Colours The wiry coat of the Wire Fox Terrier is predominantly white in color, with brown or black-colored markings on the face, and ears. It may also have a black or brown saddle or splotch on its back, and other parts of its body may also have some black or brown markings.

Temperament The Wire Fox Terrier is a very active, energetic, and playful dog, and is known for its loyalty and affection for its owner and its family. It is also an alert, brave, and intelligent dog that easily learns many tricks, and knows how to guard and protect its family. Many people consider the Wire Fox Terrier as one of the most aggressive dog breeds, since it was initially bred as an aggressive hunter. Although Wire Fox Terriers are generally affectionate and playful with children, they have also been reported to bite and engage in rough play. Wire Fox Terriers should also be closely watched when interacting or playing with other pets, since they can be aggressive with other dogs or smaller pets.

Height and Weight They should be between 33 - 41 cm in height and 7 - 8 Kg in weight.

Common Health Problems Genetics is believed to play a role in the onset of epilepsy among Wire Fox Terriers. Other minor health concerns for the Wire Fox Terrier are lens luxiation, skin problems, distichiasis, Legg-Perthes, shoulder dislocation, and cataracts.

Living Conditions Wire Fox Terriers live happily in apartments and homes without yards, provided that they are given plenty of exercise and indoor play.

Exercise Requirements Because the Wire Fox Terrier is an active and energetic dog, it requires a lot of exercise and play time. Wire Fox Terriers should nevertheless still be given daily walks, as most dogs need daily walks to stay fit, healthy, and happy. If possible, owners should allow their Wire Fox Terriers to run around freely in a safe open area, such as a fenced yard. Wire Fox Terriers should always be kept on a leash to prevent them from getting loose.

Training Requirements Wire Fox Terriers should be trained basic obedience and proper manners since they can be very aggressive and unruly inside the house. They should be also socialized with other dogs and trained to be less aggressive as possible with children and non-canine pets.

Life Expectancy The Wire Fox Terrier has a life expectancy of around 15 years or more.

Grooming Owners who are keeping a Wire Fox Terrier as a house pet or family dog do not have to subject their dogs to a lot of grooming routines. They can just bathe their Wire Fox Terriers occasionally or only when necessary, but they should also make sure to regularly brush the coat using a brush with firm bristle to keep it neat and prevent matting. The coat should be stripped regularly during the year to make sure that the coat always looks its best. Keeping Wire Fox Terriers as show dogs may require other more specialized grooming routines.

Famous Examples

CompleteDogsGuide Comment A typical terrier that is best suited to owners who can provide it with plenty of daily exercise.

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Wire Fox Terrier
6 years old Wire Fox Terrier
S.A. Champion Hillswick Harley Davidson (Harley) Harley is 6 years old, and is Tri-coloured (Black Tan & White) and also has the Wire coat. Harley is owned by Graham Thompson.
Photo with thanks to Yvonne Murgatroyd
6 years old Wire Fox Terrier
Bandarra de Chapeau Terrier
Photo with thanks to Ana,



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