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German Shorthaired Pointer

German Shorthaired Pointer Kane
Photo with thanks to Steve & Jane,

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Group Gundogs (KC)

Origin / History The German Shorthaired Pointer is said to be a descendant of the old Spanish Pointer, a breed that was brought to Germany during the 1600s. Although it would be impossible to determine all the dog breeds that contributed to the development of the German Shorthaired Pointer, there are theories stating that the Foxhound, Spanish Pointer, Hannover Hound, and Italian Pointer all had roles in the creation of this breed. Since the breeding of this dog was focused more on function rather than style, these dogs were later on crossed with the English Pointer in order to make the German Shorthaired Pointer more speedy, more stylish, and better when it comes to scenting. Thus, these dogs became good hunting dogs which can do pointing, trailing, retrieving, and even killing some wounded animals if deemed necessary. These dogs are recommended for hunters who also want to have an agreeable watchdog and family companion.

Appearance The German Shorthaired Pointer is quite smaller than standard Pointers, but it is lean, well-balanced, and clean-cut. These dogs have pointed, long muzzles which are of the same length as their skulls. They have brown almond-shaped eyes, and darker shades of brown are more preferred. Their eyes sport intelligent expressions. Their noses are large and brown-colored. They have high-set ears that lay close to their heads. Their tails are sometimes docked, although this procedure is banned in some countries. They also possess webbed feet.

Colours Coats of these dogs can come in solid liver with white, yellow, or brown markings. Different clubs set different standards and there are some standards that only allow markings of white and black. Majority of these dogs have heads that are of a solid color, while their body is white and ticked with liver, or vice versa.

Temperament Dogs of this breed are highly energetic, smart, and eager to please. They can get along well with children, and they like spending time with their family. If properly exercised, these dogs make good, agreeable companions. If they do not get proper exercise, though, they can become mischievous and destructive. These dogs crave human companionship and should not be left alone for long periods of time. Male dogs of this breed have a tendency to be more aggressive hunters and more outgoing than female ones. These dogs can get along well with other cats and dogs that they have been raised with right from puppyhood. However, since it is a hunter by nature, they might prey on unfamiliar pets.

Height and Weight 53 - 63.5 cm in height and 27 - 32 Kg in weight. Males are larger than females and at the top end of the size ranges.

Common Health Problems These dogs are usually healthy. However, like other dogs, there are some that are susceptible to hermaphrodism, lymphedema, and epilepsy. These dogs can also get afflicted with Von Willebrand's Disease, gastric torsion, eyelid entropion, and pannus.

Living Conditions These dogs can deal well with most climates. They prefer being indoors, although they should be provided access to a secure, fenced-in large yard.

Exercise Requirements Since these dogs can become destructive if they don't get enough exercise, owners should make sure that they take these dogs out for brisk walks or jogs daily. It would also be good to have these dogs running alongside a bicycle.

Training Requirements Due to the fact that these dogs are intelligent and eager to please, they are very trainable. Obedience training should commence while the dog is still young. It would also be good if these dogs undergo proper socialization at an early age.

Life Expectancy These dogs can live for as long as 12 to 15 years.

Grooming The coats of these dogs are easy to groom. Owners just have to brush their dogs' coats using a firm bristle brush on a regular basis. Bathing should be done only when it is necessary. To make the coat gleam, owners can use a piece of chamois on the dogs' coats. These dogs' feet should also be checked, particularly after the dog's work or exercise sessions. It's also important that the dog be dried off after hunting so that it will not get the chills. These dogs' ears must also be examined on a regular basis.

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German Shorthaired Pointer Blaze
"Blaze" Born: 22 / 08 / 1995 Winner of 5 CC's and 8 RCC's,
Junior Warrant and is a Field Trial Winner
Reserve Best In Show' at Gundog of Wales Championship Show 1999.
German Shorthaired Pointer Breeze
"Breeze" litter sister to Kane Born: 12/12/2004
German Shorthaired Pointer Poppy
"Poppy" Born:14/04/ 2002 Solid Liver German Shorthaired Pointer
German Shorthaired Pointer Deva
"Deva" Solid Liver bitch Born:04/10/ 1996 Winner of 'Junior Warrant', and also won the bitch CC and then onto win 'Best in Show' at the German Shorthaired Pointer Club Championship Show




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