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Dalmatian 'Domino'
Photo with thanks to Mapplewell Dalmatians,

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Group Utility Dogs (KC)

Origin / History There's lot of mixed views on where the Dalmatian breed originated. Some think it originated from Dalmatia, in what is now Croatia. Others think it was developed in England and other say it appears in ancient Egyptian tombs.

In England its thought the breed was developed by crossing the Pointer with a Bull Terrier.

Appearance Rather long and broad head with long muzzle and rather large pendulous ears. Medium length body with deep chest and well sprung ribs.Long strong boned legs and round feet.

Colours White with black spots. Liver coloured spots are also permitted. Puppies are actually born white with the spots developing from about 10 days old.

Temperament Happy, strong minded

Height and Weight 56 - 61 cm in height and 23-25 Kg in weight. Males are slightly larger than females and at the top end of the size ranges.

Common Health Problems Anyone buying a puppy should make sure they have been hearing tested as inherited deafness is a problem in this breed. Has ben reported they are more prone to suffering bladder stones.

Living Conditions Will live happily in the country or a town. Needs a good sized and securely fenced garden. The priority is if living in a town house is that he gets plenty of exercise.

Exercise Requirements The dalmatian was bred to run with horses, so practically for running marathons. It therefore needs lots of daily exercise. An hour everyday should be the minimum including time free running. Will enjoy as much exercise as you can offer.

Training Requirements Average when they come to be being trained. They need a firm, consistent and patient approach to get the best results. Given the right training they can be trained to a high level in obedience.

Life Expectancy 11 - 13 years.

Grooming The short smooth coat just needs a brush once a week to remove any dead hair and skin. The coat does shed.

Famous Examples 101 Dalmatians in the Disney movies!!

CompleteDogsGuide Comment A breed commonly bought on appearance and the popularity of 101 Dalmatian movies. Any prospective owners need to know this breed was bred to run with horses so needs plenty of exercise every day. Also be aware that although the coat is short it does shed around the house.

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Dalmatian Dog Photos
Dalmatian Dru
Dalmatian Gilla
Dalmatian Dru
Dalmatian Dru
Photo with thanks to Stephanie Yates,



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