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Canaan Dog

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Canaan Dog Breeders & Puppies For Sale If your a Canaan Dog breeder and have Canaan Dog puppies for sale, send us your details for free and we will add to our Canaan Dog Breeders page.

Canaan Dog Rescue Center Visit the Canaan Dog rescue centers if your looking to rescue a Canaan Dog, as well as learn more about the breed or just support the rescue centers for there hard work.

Group Utility Dogs (KC)

Origin / History This breed is part of the oldest family of dogs, which is the spitz. It is said that this dog dates back to the biblical times. In fact, a rock carving that has been done approximately during the 1st to 3rd A.D. depicts a dog that is much like the Canaan Dog in shape and size. This dog breed happens to be Israel’s national dog breed. A large number of these dogs became strays in the Negev Desert after the Roman invasion during the 2nd century. There were those, though, that the Bedouins used as guard dogs. In 1930, Rudolphina Menzel realized that these guard dogs were not suitable enough for harsh terrains. She then captured a number of dogs and began training them. During the second World War, these dogs were already serving as sentries, mine detectors, and messengers. It was in 1965 that these dogs first set foot on America. The American Kennel Club recognized this breed in 1997.

Appearance These dogs are medium-sized and have short to medium length double coats consisting of a soft undercoat and a flat, harsh outer coat. Canaan Dogs are squarely proportioned, which means that their height is equivalent to their length. They have bushy tails and highly-set, pricked ears. Their noses are dark-colored and slanted slightly. They sport inquisitive, alert expressions in their dark brown, almond-shaped eyes.

Colours Coat colors include shades between cream to black, as well as shades between red and brown. These dogs usually have small markings that are white in color. They may also be all white with just patches of other colors. They can also sport black or white masks, as well as spotting.

Temperament These dogs are gentle, docile, and devoted. Aside from that, they are also alert and lively. They are protective of their territory and family, and they naturally take to being guard dogs and do well in watchdogging. These dogs bark immediately when they sense suspicious characters or unusual activity. They usually get along well with other pets, but they can be aggressive towards other canines of the same sex.

Height and Weight These dogs are 51 - 61 cm on height and 18 - 25 Kg in weight.

Common Health Problems These are very healthy and hardy dogs. They can be afflicted with hip dysplasia, but compared to other breeds, these dogs have the lowest rates of getting that.

Living Conditions Canaan Dogs can live inside apartments but they have to be provided with sufficient exercise. It will be best if they are provided with an average-sized yard where they can play. These dogs do well even in extreme weather due to their dense undercoats. They can be left outdoors, but they also make great housedogs.

Exercise Requirements Since these dogs are working dogs, they won’t be satisfied when they are not given anything to do. Owners must make sure that they are providing their dogs with enough exercise to keep them physically and mentally fit. These dogs should be taken out for long walks on a daily basis. They can also be made to do herding exercises or challenging game sessions.

Training Requirements Canaan Dogs do very well when it comes to obedience, but they still have to be trained at a young age. Positive, motivational training methods should be used on these dogs, and owners must make sure that their training isn’t overly repetitive. These dogs should be properly socialized with both humans and animals right from puppyhood.

Life Expectancy These dogs can live for as long as 12 to 15 years.

Grooming These dogs are heavy shedders, but their shedding happens seasonally. Owners have to brush and comb their dogs’ coats at least once a week, giving more attention during times when their dogs are shedding. Dogs of this breed do not need much attention when it comes to grooming since they tend to be very clean.

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More Canaan Dog Information: Check out our Canaan Dog Clubs and links to more informative websites dedicated to the breed.

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