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Group Working Dogs (KC)

Origin / History The Beauceron is a rare breed of dog whose origins are rooted in France. It is also known as the Berger de Beauce, which means Shepherd of the Beauce, and Bas Rouge, which means Red Stocking.

Beaucerons were general purpose dogs that have been in existence since the 1500s. They were utilized for guarding farms, herding and protecting livestock, and for hunting wild boars. These dogs were also used during wars for carrying supplies and messages, detecting mines and wounded people, as well as following trails. Nowadays, they are being used as police and military dogs, search and rescue dogs, and assistance dogs. They can also be family companions.

Appearance Dogs of this breed are athletic-looking and give off an impression of liveliness, strength, and freedom of movement, without looking too heavy. When it comes to their structure, they bear similarities to the Belgian Malinois, but the Beauceron is larger, having almost the same size as that of the Doberman Pinscher. They have harsh outer coats with fluffy, wooly undercoats. These dogs also have double dew claws on their hind legs and these must not be removed if the owner intends the dogs to be shown.

Colours These dogs come in two coat colors: black and tan with certain tan markings, and harlequin with patches of black, gray and tan. Dogs that have the black and tan coloring will have two lozenges above their eyes, have tan colorings below their upper lips and throats, have two tan markings on their breasts, and they will be tan on the bottom of each of their legs. They will also sport tan markings under their tails.

Temperament Loyal and affectionate, these dogs will bond with family members. They need the company of humans and they are tolerant and patient of children. They make great watchdogs because they are suspicious of strangers, and their protective instincts will lead them to guard their family and property from unfamiliar people and animals. These dogs are naturally dominant and need to be trained properly in order to make sure that they do not become overly assertive and dominating. They are also attentive, clever, active, and intelligent, although they can sometimes exhibit stubbornness.

Height and Weight 64 - 71 cm in height and 32 - 50 Kg in weight.

Common Health Problems Beaucerons are typically healthy and hardy. However, they can be susceptible to bloating. They can also be afflicted with hip dysplasia, progressive retinal atrophy, central progressive retinal atrophy, and entropion.

Living Conditions Since these dogs can become moderately active when indoors, they can live well in an apartment just as long as they are getting the amount of exercise that they need. However, a large yard will still be best for them.

Exercise Requirements Due to the fact that they are working dogs, Beaucerons require much exercise and owners should make certain to find outlets for their dogs' energy. They should be taken on long walks daily and should be allowed to run freely in a fenced-in area. Owners can also play frisbee, tracking, and other canine sports with their dog to provide it with mental and physical activity.

Training Requirements Since these dogs are willing to work, eager to please, and are very intelligent, training them will be easy. The owners should make the dog undergo obedience training using firm but kind methods. Early socialization with various people and other dogs is important as well because this will ensure that the dog will grow up to be well-mannered and well-rounded.

Life Expectancy These dogs have life spans that range from 11 to 13 years.

Grooming Beaucerons are average shedders and do not require much attention when it comes to grooming. Their coats should just be brushed occasionally and given more care at the times when they are shedding.

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