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Scent Hounds

Hounds in this group predominantly pursue game using there strong sense of smell rather than using sight. Once they have located the prey they need to prevent its escape so that the hunter can then kill it with his gun or the pack itself kills it. Before the invention of guns the dogs would have to keep the prey trapped until the hunter could get close enough to kill it. There sense of smell is amazing and some of the breeds can track scents which are days old, over long distances, and even over watery terrain.

Many of the hounds in this group have a loud bark which they use constantly on the hunt so that the hunter or dog handler knows the whereabouts of the dogs even when they are out of sight.

Scent hounds typically need to have good endurance as they will be expected to track the scent of the prey over long distances or over tough terrain. Most scent hounds will be used to hunt in packs.

Theres a wide range of hounds in this group. Typically, longer legged hounds are faster runners and the hunters may have to follow them on horseback. Shorter legged hounds such as the Basset Hounds are usually a little slower and can be followed on foot by the hunter. They may be used for hunting animals such as rabbits, hares and badgers.


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