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Yorkshire Terrier Pictures

Pictures of Yorkshire Terriers. Feel free to contact us and send Yorkshire Terrier photos. Include a little info with each pic you send, such as dogs name, age, colour and coat type where relevant.

Pictures of Ruby and Riley with thanks to Vicky Flynn-James 
Traditional looking Yorkshire Terrier Riley
Riley taken recently aged 21 months he is seven and a half inches to shoulder and weighs just over 4 pound. He is a traditional looking Yorkie with straight hair which is easy to manage.
Baby Doll Yorkshire Terrier Ruby
Ruby who in the picture is a year and 4 months she is a baby doll Yorkshire terrier and is 8 inches to her shoulder and weighs 5 pounds. She has got more silver and tan as she has got older. She has curly hair which will mat if not cut.
Yorkies Ruby and Riley
Ruby and Riley (on the right) aged 2 years 4 months and 21 months.
Yorkshire Terrier Puppy Riley
Riley aged 4 months.
Yorkies Ruby and Riley
Ruby and Riley (on the left) aged 15 months and 21 months.


Pictures with thanks to Tracey from Topsys Terriers

Pippi Little Stocking. She is a minature Black/Tan. She is very loving and loyal,But she is a little mischief too.
Standard Yorkshire Terrier 14 weeks
This is a standard bitch aged 14 weeks

A small standard puppy.
4 below pics. Little Miss Purdy and a litter of pups. She is a standard bitch. She is silver grey/tan and has very curly hair. 
Yorkshire Terrier Newborn puppies
New born Yorkshire Terrier Puppies
3 standard Yorkshire Terrier Pups
3 standard pups together

Topsy She is a silver grey minature. This pic is of her mothering her pups.

7 week old minature
2 puppies 8 weeks old
2 standard pups together, age 8 weeks old
Adult and puppy Yorkies
Mr Pickles with a 8 week old puppy

A standard puppy. A couple of more weeks the hair will of grown much longer.
Adult and puppy Yorkies
This is Little Dipper when he was a puppy.He is a standard. He is now Black and Tan and long haired 
Yorkshire terrierPuppy
A standard puppy. A couple of more weeks the hair will of grown much longer.
Adult and puppy Yorkies
4 week old puppy
Yorkshire terrierPuppy
Puppy at 4 weeks


Pics of Karuso, a nice Yorkshire Terrier from Sweden
with thanks to Annarella Hedberg
Swedish Yorkshire Terrier

Please note these we have permission to use all these photos which are subject to copyright and only for use on this web site with permission from the owners. They are not to be used elsewhere and are purely for your viewing pleasure here.


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