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Portuguese Podengo Pictures

Pictures of Portuguese Podengo. Feel free to contact us and send Portuguese Podengo photos. Include a little info with each pic you send, such as dogs name, age, colour and coat type where relevant.

Photos with thanks to Ian Osborne
3 Portugues Podengos on a chair
Portuguese Podengo with her newborn puppy
3 Portuguese Podengos on a chair
Mother and newborn puppies
Portuguese Podengo
2 Portugues Podengos on a chair
Portuguese Podengo
2 Portuguese Podengos on a chair
Portuguese Podengos Mother and newborn puppies
Mother and newborn puppies
Portuguese Podengo
Portuguese Podengo upright on a chair

First let me give you a bit of history.

Yogi, our first dog, was abandoned as a very young puppy at a villa in Portugal where he was kept alive feeding on scraps given to him by some builders who were working on the site. We took him in very undernourished and due to this he subsequently broke his leg two days later. He was fixed up by a great team at the Faro animal hospital and is now a handsome, fit dog despite the plate and pins still in his leg.

As he was rescued, we have no papers to prove that he is a pure Podengo, but having studied sites on the internet, it is my belief that he is a short-haired medium sized ( medio) Podengo. There are short and wire-haired varieties and three sizes of Portuguese Podengo. Small, medium and large.

He is a beautiful chocolate brown with a white chest and tips of paws. He is also the funniest dog we have known. He is very affectionate with people but also very protective of us. A fierce guard dog. I don't know if this is normal with the breed or due to the circumstances of his earlier life.

Our second dog Paddy was also found on the streets with a wire round her neck, by a kindly English lady who couldn't keep her. Fortunately for her she was taken in by us and now lives a queenly existence with her mate and two of her female puppies. As with Yogi we don't know her exact history, but think she is also a short-haired podengo medio.

Two years ago we moved from Portugal to France, where we allowed them to breed. In April 2006 she gave birth to a litter of six. We found homes for three of the pups and kept three ourselves. Sadly in December of last year the only male puppy, Chester, died. After an autopsy, the vet diagnosed cancer of the pancreas - very rare in such a young dog. A very sad time. He was my favourite of the puppies.

So now we are just six. My wife Fran, myself, Yogi and Paddy, and the two girlies Walnut and Maggot. As you will see from the pics, the puppies' ears don't stand up like their mum and dad.


Please note these we have permission to use all these photos which are subject to copyright and only for use on this web site with permission from the owners. They are not to be used elsewhere and are purely for your viewing pleasure here.


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