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Thai Bangkaew Dog

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General Breed Information

The Thai Bangkaew Dog originated in the Bangkaew village, which is located in the Phitsanulok Province in the central region of Thailand. Near the Yom River located in the district is the Wat Bangkaew monastery. A legend says that the abbot of the monastery, Luang Puh Maak Metharee, was given a native female dog that was pregnant. It is thought that the abbot's dog mus have mated with a herding dog that belonged to the Mong hilltribe from the Huay Chan, which is a neighboring village. The local residents in the area then took some of the puppies and treated them as pets. Eventually, the dogs were bred selectively to develop the Thai Bangkaew Dog.

The Thai Bangkaew Dog has a square profile and a compact build. Dogs of this breed are well-proportioned. They have a plumed tail that is carried with a moderate upward curve over their back. The double coat of these dogs is made up of a short undercoat and long guard hairs that form the outer coat. Their coat is longer and thicker on their chest, around their neck, and on their back, making it seem like they have a lion-like ruff. This ruff is more noticeable on male dogs than on females. The acceptable coat colour for this breed is white with shades of gray, red, black, and brown in various patterns.

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