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Tahltan Bear Dog

Tahltan Bear Dog
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Origin / History The Tahltan Bear Dog is a breed raised by Tahltan natives for hunting bears. Before a hunt, the dogs to be used are stabbed in the hindquarters with a fibula bone of a wolf or fox. During the morning of the hunt, two dogs are carried in a sack until fresh tracks of bear are seen. The natives would then release these dogs, which moved lightly over snow while the bear moves slowly because it's hindered by deep drifts. The yaps of Tahltan Bear Dogs would harass the bear into becoming submissive, or confuse it until the natives could come close enough to kill it.

Tahltan Bear Dogs are descendants of the pariah-type dogs that were brought to the mountainous areas of the Northern Yukon and the British Columbia during prehistoric migrations. These dogs thrived in areas where the climate is bitterly cold. Outside their native environment, Tahltan Bear Dogs became affected by heat prostrations, distemper, and problems brought about by dietary changes. This breed has been recognized by the Continental Kennel Club for so many years now, but it has been more than 20 years since a dog of this breed has been registered.

Appearance Tahltan Bear Dogs have a small and fox-like body. Their legs are muscular and long, and their hind legs have hocks that are well-bent. These dogs have a deep chest that is oval in shape, and ribs that are well-sprung. They have a medium-sized head with a domed skull, and their eyes are dark in colour. Tahltan Bear Dogs have erect, bat-like ears, and a muzzle that is medium-sized and well-proportioned. Their nose is black and their teeth meet in a level or scissors bite. The neck of these dogs is moderate in length. Their compact feet are tight and have hard pads and arched toes. These dogs have a thick and long tail that is carried erect.

Colours The short and thick coat of these dogs can be blue or black in colour. It can also have small white markings.

Temperament These dogs are energetic and free-spirited. Although they serve as good working dogs, they are also great family dogs. Tahltan Bear Dogs are great with children. As pack dogs, they also get along well with other canines.

Height and Weight The height of these dogs is approximately 15 inches and their weight falls around 15 pounds.

Common Health Problems There are no genetic health problems specifically associated with this breed. The ailments affecting Tahltan Bear Dogs are those affecting other dog breeds as well.

Living Conditions These dogs need to live in places with a cold climate. It's also important for Tahltan Bear Dogs to have a yard where they can run around and get some exercise.

Exercise Requirements Tahltan Bear Dogs should be provided with a job to do. When they aren't being used for hunting, they should be taken out for a daily walk to satisfy their primal instinct for walking. It would also be good for these dogs to be allowed to run in a large, secure area.

Training Requirements Being highly intelligent, Tahltan Bear Dogs are very trainable. Owners should train these dogs with firmness, gentleness, and consistency. As with other dog breeds, it’s not advisable for owners to use harsh methods when training these dogs. Proper socialization should also commence at an early age so that these dogs will grow up to be well-mannered and well-adjusted.

Life Expectancy These dogs are expected to live for around 10 to 12 years.

Grooming Owners should brush the coat of these dogs on an occasional basis to get rid of loose and dead hairs. These dogs should only be bathed when they smell bad or are excessively dirty already.

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