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Raibs Suns

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Raibs Suns Breeders & Puppies For Sale If your a Raibs Suns breeder and have Raibs Suns puppies for sale, send us your details for free and we will add to our Raibs Suns Breeders page.

Raibs Suns Rescue Center Visit the Raibs Suns rescue centers if your looking to rescue a Raibs Suns, as well as learn more about the breed or just support the rescue centers for there hard work.

General Breed Information

The exact origin of the Raibs Suns is unknown because it isn't a purebred dog. It is believed that this dog was developed in countries such as Lithuania and Estonia were various dog breeds were mixed together to create a mongrel. The term "Raibs Suns" means spotted dog. There is no breed standard for this dog. These dogs are very rare.

The Raibs Suns has a height that ranges from 10 to 12 inches and a weight that falls between 4 and 11 pounds. Dogs of this breed have a rounded head. Their muzzle is short, and their round eyes can come in a variety of colours, although they are usually blue or brown. Their small ears can either be erect or folded over. Their neck is broad, and they have a round body and short legs. These dogs have a shaggy coat with much hair on their legs, head, and tail. The coat of these dogs can come in a wide variety of colours and colour patterns, from solid to parti-coloured.

The life span of these dogs ranges from 12 to 15 years. They are generally healthy, although they may be prone to luxating patella.

Famous Examples

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More Raibs Suns Information: Check out our Raibs Suns Clubs and links to more informative websites dedicated to the breed.

Submit your Raibs Suns pictures Send us any pics of your Raibs Suns, let us know there name and age and any other details. We'll add to this page. Contact us


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