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Plott Hound

Plott Hound
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Origin / History The Plott Hound is breed that got its name from its founders. This breed was developed by seven generations of Jonathan Plott's family, with the breeding program starting in the 1750s. The Plotts kept the breeding of the hounds strictly within their family. They used various curs and bloodhounds as the original foundation for the Plott Hound. This breed is known for being excellent in trailing raccoons and bears in the Blue Ridge, Appalachian, and Great Smoky Mountains located in Eastern United States. The Plott family rarely put these dogs up for sale, which explains why the breed is still rare in other parts of the United States even while it was granted official recognition in 1946.

Plott Hounds are very efficient when it comes to searching for wildcats, wolves, and coyotes. Most owners get these dogs to be hunters, but Plott Hounds can also make great family companions. The breed has undergone careful breeding to become more persistent and stronger. As a result, these dogs have become very hardy and have excellent hunting instincts.

Appearance Plott Hounds are medium-sized, muscular dogs. They have a rounded head with a rectangular muzzle and a large nose. The expressive eyes of these dogs are small and round. These dogs also have large floppy ears hanging past their bottom lip. The neck of these dogs is muscular, with a dewlap leading to their deep chest and broad shoulders. Plott Hounds have long muscular legs and small feet that are webbed. They have a sunken belly and a long tail. These dogs have sleek fur covering their body, their coat looking much like that of a Great Dane.

Colours These dogs usually have a black saddle-like patch on their back. Their coat commonly has brindle colouring, either buckskin or blue slate.

Temperament Plott Hounds are excellent companions. They are loyal, intelligent, and affectionate. They even get along well with children. Plott Hounds need human companionship, and it would be great for individuals who go hunting to get these dogs. When on the trail, though, these dogs are courageous, proud, and determined. Unlike other coonhounds that have deep-throated howls, Plott Hounds have a high-pitched, sharp voice.

Height and Weight The height of these dogs range from 20 to 24 inches, and their weight falls between 45 and 55 pounds.

Common Health Problems Although this breed is considered to be the hardiest of the coonhounds, Plott Hounds are prone to gastric torsion and twisting of the stomach. It's important for owners to refrain from exercising these dogs after a large meal.

Living Conditions These dogs are not recommended for apartment dwellers. Plott Hounds should be provided with a yard where they can run around and do some physical activities. Owners must make sure that these dogs are kept in a safe area, though, because Plott Hounds have a tendency to wander, and they may go off chasing prey.

Exercise Requirements Like many other breeds, Plott Hounds need much exercise. They should be taken out for long, brisk walks or jogs daily. Owners should also let these dogs run around freely in a large, secure area.

Training Requirements Basic obedience training and proper socialization should commence at an early age. Owners should train these dogs using firm and gentle methods. These dogs learn quickly and are intelligent, making them relatively easy to train.

Life Expectancy The life span of Plott Hounds is around 12 to 14 years.

Grooming It's easy to groom the coat of Plott Hounds. Owners just need to brush and comb the coat of these dogs occasionally to remove loose and dead hair. After hunting, the body of these dogs should also be checked for split pads on their feet, torn nails, torn ears, ticks, and fleas.

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