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Picardy Spaniel

Picardy Spaniel
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Origin / History The Picardy Spaniel is a breed that belongs to the family of spaniels originating in France several centuries ago. The Picardy Spaniel, along with the French Spaniel, is considered to be among the oldest continental breeds. This is because both breeds are believed to have been descended from the ancient breed Chien d' Oysel. During the Middle Ages, Picardy Spaniels were used as pointers. These dogs were known for their great pointing, retrieving, and hunting abilities. 

During the late 1800s and early 1900s, the popularity of the Picardy Spaniel decreased because French hunters started preferring English hunting dogs to Picardy Spaniels. The breed standard for the Picardy Spaniel was established in 1908, but until now, dogs of this breed are still rare outside of France.

Appearance Picardy Spaniels have an athletic, muscular body. These dogs have a well-muscled neck, and a fairly broad, deep chest. They have a strong head with a broad, rounded skull. Their nosebridge is long, and their nose is brown. The ears of these dogs are set fairly low and are covered with wavy, silky hair. Their eyes are dark amber in colour. The tail of these dogs is not too long, and it hangs down in two slight curves, concave and convex. Picardy Spaniels have fine hair on their head, and slightly wavy hair on their body. Their straight forelegs are feathered and well-muscled, and their hind legs are well feathered down to their hocks. These dogs have large, round, tight feet, that have some feathering between the toes.

Colours The coat of these dogs is gray, with brown spots on different parts of the body, as well as on the base of the tail. They may also have tan markings on their legs and head.

Temperament These dogs have a pleasant temperament. They are not only good hunters, but they are also great pets. They form a strong bond with their family members and they're loyal to their master. Being eager to please, these dogs will do what is asked of them, but they also need to receive praise. Human companionship is important to these dogs, and they can make great playmates for children. Picardy Spaniels can also get along well with other canines.

Height and Weight These dogs have a height of 22 to 23 1/2 inches, and a weight of 44 to 55 pounds.

Common Health Problems There are no known health problems specifically associated with this breed. The illnesses affecting these dogs are those common to other breeds as well.

Living Conditions It's not advisable for Picardy Spaniels to be kept inside apartments. Although these dogs may prefer to live where they can be near their human family, they also tend to be relatively inactive indoors. It's best for these dogs to be allowed some time indoors, but they should be provided with a yard where they can do some physical activities.

Exercise Requirements Owners should make sure to provide these dogs with much exercise. Picardy Spaniels should be taken out for long walks daily to satisfy their primal instinct to walk.

Training Requirements Their intelligence and eagerness to please make Picardy Spaniels relatively easy to train. These dogs can work well on different types of terrain, and it's best to train them at a young age. Gentle and consistent training methods will work well on these dogs. Harsh methods shouldn't be used for training. They should also be properly socialized from puppyhood onwards.

Life Expectancy These dogs are expected to live for around 10 to 14 years when properly taken care of.

Grooming To keep the coat of these dogs in healthy condition, weekly brushing is needed. Their ears should also be checked regularly for infections.

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