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Mountain Cur

Mountain Cur
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Origin / History From Europe, Mountain Curs were brought to America, particularly in areas of Kentucky, Virginia, and Tennessee mountains. These dogs served as guardians of their owner’s family and property. They were also used for chasing and treeing games. Mountain Curs allowed the settlers to get meat and pelts that they can sell or trade for other commodities.

Mountain Curs were bred and developed for a span of nearly 200 years. When the World War II started, though, many families who bred these dogs chose to leave the rural areas to work in factories to help their countrymen during the war. Because of this, the Mountain Cur breed became endangered and rare by the 1940s. Fortunately, though, Hugh Stephens, Carl McConnell, Woody Huntsman, and Dewey Ledbetter started a breeding program that rescued the breed. These four individuals are also credited for setting the breed standard for the Mountain Cur.

Appearance Mountain Curs are rugged and stocky working dogs. They have a heavy coat that is short, but is slightly longer than that of hounds. The coat of these dogs can either be rough or smooth, with a fine, soft undercoat. Breeders claim that majority of the dogs of this breed are born with natural bobtails. Many of these dogs are also born with dewclaws on their hind feet, and some even have two on each foot. These dogs are very stocky, muscular, and wide. They have a wide head, upon which their ears are set high. Their neck is muscular and strong, and their head is dome flat. The eyes of these dogs are typically dark in colour and are very expressive. These dogs have cat-like feet that are strong and made for speed.

Colours The coat colours of these dogs include brindle, black, yellow, and brindle and black. These dogs also usually have white points.

Temperament Mountain Curs are very protective and possessive of their family, which is a trait that is not often found in hounds. These dogs are more suited as protection dogs rather than simply as pets. They are also courageous and fierce hunting dogs, and they are neither submissive nor easy-going. These dogs, however, can get along well with children.

Height and Weight The height of these dogs is 18 to 26 inches, and their weight is approximately 30 to 60 pounds.

Common Health Problems There are no known genetic health problems associated with this dog breed. The ailments affecting Mountain Curs are those common to other dog breeds as well.

Living Conditions It's not advisable for these dogs to be kept indoors. Mountain Curs were bred to be working dogs, and they'll be happiest when given a job to do.

Exercise Requirements Being very active dogs, Mountain Curs need much exercise daily. It's important for these dogs to be taken out for long, brisk walks or jogs everyday. These dogs will also benefit from being allowed to run freely in a wide, secure space. They also enjoy sports and other outdoor physical activities.

Training Requirements Because of their intelligence and eagerness to please their masters, these dogs are relatively easy to train. Owners should, however, be able to display strong leadership skills and make their dogs believe that humans are higher in pack rank than canines. Firm and consistent training methods should be used for these dogs.

Life Expectancy When properly cared for, these dogs can live for approximately 12 to 16 years.


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