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Origin / History The Drever is a Swedish dog breed that was developed from the Westphalian Dachsbracke, a small hound used for tracking deer. The Westphalian Dachsbracke was brought to Sweden in 1910 and was crossed with other hounds to form the Drever. During the 1940s, the Bracke already had two distinct sizes, and the larger one became known as the Drever.

In Sweden, Drevers are the most popular hunting dogs. This breed was granted recognition in 1947 by the Swedish Kennel Club. This breed was recognized in 1956 by the Canadian Kennel Club and in 2006 by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale. These dogs are also recognized by various minor registries, hunting clubs, rare breed groups, and Internet registry businesses.

Appearance Drevers have a long head that is large and well-proportioned. They have clear eyes with thin, close-fitting eyelids. These dogs are quite short in stature, but their forelegs are parallel and straight. The coat of these dogs is close-fitting, thick, and lies flat all over their body. These dogs also have tails with a downward curve. Their upper lips are somewhat tight and fit snugly over their lower jaws.

Colours The acceptable coat colours for this breed includes, black, fawn, and black and tan. These dogs always sport white markings on their feet, chest, tail, neck, and face.Drevers should not come in solid white, though, because that kind of colouring is linked to deafness.

Temperament These dogs are calm and alert. They are not nervous or aggressive. They can, however, be tenacious and headstrong, often wanting to work even after their human companions are ready to head home. These dogs have short legs, which make them slower than other hounds. Because of these, they work great when it comes to leading game toward the hunter's gun. These dogs are steady workers that are used for hunting fox, hare, and deer, although they have the courage to tackle even a wild boar.

Height and Weight Drevers are 11 to 16 inches tall and weigh 32 to 34 pounds.

Common Health Problems These dogs are considered generally healthy because they do not have any recorded genetic health problems. They may be affected by some ailments, but these ailments are those common to other dog breeds as well.

Living Conditions These dogs can live in an apartment or a small household if they are provided with adequate exercise. They are energetic and should be taken out for walks daily. It's also advisable for these dogs to have play sessions. These dogs can be relatively active when indoors; therefore, it's not a requirement for owners to provide these dogs with a yard.

Exercise Requirements Drevers have a lot of stamina and are very active dogs. It's important for owners to take these dogs out for long walks daily. These dogs will also benefit from play sessions to keep them active and well-trained.

Training Requirements These dogs have to be trained using firm and consistent methods so that they can interact well with humans. It's best for these dogs to undergo obedience trained during their first year. After that, they can be trained for hunting. Owners should be careful not to overwork these dogs. It's also important for these dogs to be socialized well at a young age, so they can get along well with other animals. Owners should also keep in mind that they have to display strong leadership skills when training these dogs. Otherwise, the dogs might not consider human beings to be higher on the pack rank than canines are.

Life Expectancy The life span of Drevers is approximately 12 to 14 years.

Grooming These dogs have a smooth-haired coat that will benefit from being rubbed regularly with a damp cloth.

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